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Noshir Contractor

Jane & William White Professor of Behavioral Sciences


2145 Sheridan Road
Tech D241
Evanston, IL 60208-3109

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Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences

Research Interests

Social and knowledge networks; theories, statistical and computational methods

Selected Publications

  • Contractor, Noshir; Keegan, Brian; Gergle, Darren, “Hot Off the Wiki: Structures and Dynamics of Wikipedia's Coverage of Breaking News Events”, American Behavioral Scientist, (2013)
  • Huang, Yun; Shen, Cuihua; Contractor, Noshir S., “Distance matters: Exploring proximity and homophily in virtual world networks”, Decision Support Systems, (2013)
  • Contractor, Noshir; Tiropanis, Thanassis; Hall, Wendy; Shadbolt, Nigel; De Roure, David, “The web science observatory”, IEEE Intelligent Systems, (2013)
  • Contractor, Noshir; Huang, Meikuan; Barbour, Joshua; Su, Chunke, “Why do group members provide information to digital knowledge repositories? a multilevel application of transactive memory theory”, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, (2013)
  • Contractor, Noshir, “Some assembly required: Leveraging Web science to understand and enable team assembly”, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, (2013)
  • Huang, Yun; Contractor, Noshir S.; Ye, Wenyue; Bennett, Nicholas, “Functional or social? Exploring teams in online games”, Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, CSCW, (2013)
  • Huang, Yun; Contractor, Noshir S.; Xu, Bo; Kwak, Haewoon, “Structures of broken ties: Exploring unfollow behavior on twitter”, Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, CSCW, (2013)
  • Contractor, Noshir; McCusker, James P.; McGuinness, Deborah L.; Lee, Jeongmin; Thomas, Chavon, “Towards next generation health data exploration: A data cube-based investigation into population statistics for tobacco”, Proceedings of the Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, (2013)