During the academic year the Master of Enginering Management Program leverages the expertise of our alumni and faculty to create webinars on topics relevant to technology, innovation, and management.  Webinars are just one example of the way Northwestern’s MEM program prepares its students to stay abreast of timely and emerging topics in the field of engineering management.

Past webinars

Topic: Five Shifts from Traditional to Agile Management

Overview: In this MEM webinar, presented by MEM Industry Advisory Board Member Jay Stanton Goldstein, you will see how leading companies get beyond the rigidities of traditional management and acquire the breakthrough capabilities involved in making the entire organization agile. Based on The five shifts necessary for an agile transformation, you will get an introduction on how to implement the elements of radical management as an integrated whole so as to get extraordinary results for your organization, your customers and your workforce.

Topic: Engineering Managment 101

Speaker: MEM Director Mark Werwath

Overview: As you grow in your career as an engineer and you strive to get into upper management - how can you best prepare?  Learn from Northwestern's MEM Director, Mark Werwath, as he highlights key learnings from his 30+ years in industry and how a MEM degree is a key asset in today’s rapidly evolving technology based business climate.  Discover how a new
manager requires the need to balance multiple responsibilities that now include financials, hiring, employee development, payroll, innovation, strategy - and not to
mention the expectations of your client!  This webinar will be approximately 30 minutes and include a question & answer session with Director Werwath.

Topic: Grow Your Professional Engineering Network - NOW!

Speaker: Professor Randy Hlavac

Overview: Today, technology is driving business, marketing and engineering.  To keep up with the disruptive change facing engineers and the companies that employ them, it is vital to have a professional network of experts and thought leaders in the areas important to you.  In this 45 minute webinar, Randy Hlavac – a professor of business and marketing – will give you the tools and knowledge so you can begin growing your professional network starting tomorrow.  He will show you how to identify the key influencers in any industry you want to develop, how to engage with them, and how to use them to help you find employment upon graduation.  Get ready for a fast paced discussion of how to build a professional network you can use throughout your college experience and beyond.