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New Algorithm Uncovers Secrets Inside Living Cells

Machine learning algorithm uses time-series data to show the cause-and-effect interactions among genes.read more

David Seidman Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Seidman is honored for his contributions to understanding materials on the atomic scale.read more

Fighting Floods

Kimberly Gray is pioneering strategies to help cities adapt to climate change.read more


Graphene as Anti-static Hair Dye

Jiaxing Huang's new formula works as well as commercial permanent dyes without chemically altering hairs.read more

sweat analysis device

Sweat Analytics for Athletes, Rehab Patients

Professor John Rogers’s microfluidic device heads out of the lab and into widespread distribution. read more


Speeding Up 3D Printing of Millimeter-sized Imaging Lenses

The new method could be used for optical imaging, vision correction, and disease diagnosis.read more

Whole-brain Engineering

It takes a different way of thinking to connect disparate fields, put big ideas into action, solve global problems, and imagine what’s next. It takes left-brain analytical skills. It takes right-brain creativity.

It takes whole-brain engineering.

Join us as we take the world in a whole new direction.

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