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Using Design to Improve Urban Accessibility

More than 105 Design for America students tackled the issue at Northwestern’s annual leadership studio.read more

Solving Global Problems with Engineering

Engineers Without Borders works with communities in the developing world to identify underlying problems.read more

Unearthing Hidden Ancient Text

A fused imaging technique reveals sixth-century writing hidden inside bookbinding.read more

NUSTARS Soars High

Northwestern’s space technology and rocketry team completes successful year.read more

Dean Julio M. Ottino Receives Prestigious Gordon Prize

Award ceremony took place Tuesday, May 30.read more

Design Innovation at Northwestern

A human-centered endeavor and a creative process.Watch the video

Ideas at the Intersection: Check out the latest innovative ideas from Northwestern students.

The next big idea: Ideas at the Intersection

Check out the latest innovative ideas from Northwestern students.visit the site

Whole-brain Engineering

It takes a different way of thinking to connect disparate fields, put big ideas into action, solve global problems, and imagine what’s next. It takes left-brain analytical skills. It takes right-brain creativity.

It takes whole-brain engineering.

Join us as we take the world in a whole new direction.

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