Master's and PhD Degrees
Introductory Soil Mechanics
MECH_ENG 415: Mechanics of Manufacturing Processes

Quarter Offered

Spring : TTh 12:30-1:50pm ; J. Cao


CEE 417: Mechanics of ContinuaI or equivalent


Understanding the fundamental mechanics of manufacturing processes is essential for process design, control, monitoring and innovation. This new course focuses on the mechanics of representative processes in the three fundamental processing categories: sheet metal forming in deformation-based processes, cutting in subtractive processes, and laser-engineered net shaping (LENS) in additive processes. The course discusses current theoretical and experimental advances in both fundamental process mechanics and technology advances and future developments.

The theoretical topics will revolve around:

(1)       Material constitutive models under large plastic deformation
(2)       Material characterization methods
(3)       Process modeling
(4)       Static and dynamic instability analysis
(5)       Damage models
(6)       Material microstructure evolution 

On the pragmatic side, in addition to an overview of current practices, issues related to emerging technologies will be discussed with a particular focus on:

(1)       Flexible forming
(2)       Precision machining
(3)       Rapid prototyping


Jian Cao
Room A213
Phone: 467-1032