Master's and PhD Degrees
Introductory Soil Mechanics
MECH_ENG 424: Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics

Quarter Offered

Spring : TTh 2-3:20 ; G. Wagner


Preferred but not required: ME425; ME423; ME/CEE327; ME/CEE426-1, or 426-2


Catalog Description

In this class, students will get an overview of the modern state of computational fluid dynamics while taking a detailed mathematical look at several important CFD topics. Concepts that are developed in class will be applied in a series of programming-based homework assignments and projects. We will study several discretization methods, including the finite volume method, the finite element method, and the hybrid control volume finite element method (CVFEM), while discussing numerical modeling concepts (like conservation and stability) that are common to all methods. Specific physical modeling topics that will be covered are turbulence modeling (include basic turbulent flow physics, Reynolds averaged models, and Large Eddy Simulation), and techniques for modeling flows with moving boundaries and fluid-structure interaction. Other advanced topics that may be covered if time allows include lattice-Boltzmann techniques, vortex-based methods, meshless methods, and space-time finite element methods.


There are no formal prerequisites. However, students will benefit from having had previous exposure to an advanced fluid dynamics class (such as ME 425). Also helpful are previous classes in CFD (e.g. ME 423), finite element analysis (e.g. ME/CEE 327, 426-1, or 426-2), or more general numerical methods (e.g. ESAM 446-1). Familiarity with MATLAB is assumed for homework assignments. Students who are unsure whether they are prepared to take this class should contact the professor.


Professor: Greg Wagner