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MECH_ENG 420: Micro and Nano-Scale Fluid Dynamics

This course is not currently offered.



Prof. S. Ghosal

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The objective is to give students an introduction to the essential fluid mechanical concepts needed to work in some of the most contemporary areas of mechanical engineering: microfluidics, nanotechnology, nanoscale materials, MEMS, nano-biotechnology, etc.


The molecular basis of fluid mechanics. Theory of Stokes-flow. Examples of fluid phenomena described by low Reynolds numbers. Electrokinetic phenomena and the physics of charged interfaces. Brownian motion.


Any first course in fluids, continuum mechanics or equivalent. This course is for graduate students or advanced undergraduates.



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Professor: S. Ghosal

Image information: Nature's microfluidics: the abdomen of the African bombardier beetle (Stenaptinus insignis) contains a reaction chamber which receives a propellant (hydroquinone) and an oxidizer (hydrogen peroxide) from separate storage organs. These two chemicals combine explosively producing a boiling mixture of steam and corrosive liquid which the beetle is able to deliver on to the target through a steerable nozzle with an accompanying loud bang! [Image reproduced from Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA (1999) 97059709]