Master's and PhD Degrees
Introductory Soil Mechanics
MECH_ENG 378: Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer

Quarter Offered

Winter : TTh 2-3:20 ; G. Wagner


This course provides an understanding of the theory and process of computational flow analysis by giving students the opportunity to use commercial simulation software to solve fluid flow problems. Topics covered include conservation of mass, momentum and energy; boundary conditions; turbulence modeling; mesh generation; solution procedures; and verification/validation. Students will work in teams on simulation projects based on realistic applications. One of the main learning objectives of this course is to develop the ability to think critically about simulation results and assess whether they give an acceptable level of accuracy for a given problem. To reach this objective, students will present their team’s project progress throughout the quarter, with an emphasis on providing clear and persuasive evidence of solution accuracy. The commercial software package ANSYS/Fluent will be used for simulations in this course.


ME 373 (Engineering Fluid Mechanics) or equivalent

Who Takes It

This course is targeted toward advanced undergraduates or MS students in mechanical engineering or related engineering disciplines.