Educational Partnerships

CIGHT works with affiliate groups within Northwestern University as well as peer institutions who share its mission. Please contact us for additional information on becoming an educational partner.


Kellogg School of Management Global Health Initiative

The Kellogg School of Management Global Health Initiative is a partnership between private industry, non-profit donors and academia to develop products that address health issues facing underserved communities around the world.

International Program Development (IPD)

The Office of International Program Development (IPD) promotes internationalization and cross-school collaborations at Northwestern by building relationships with partner institutions around the world. Programs include diverse offerings that cater to nontraditional study abroad students - particularly engineering, pre-med, and medical students.

Global Health Studies

Global Health Studies offers students opportunities to study international and comparative perspectives on human health, drawing on such diverse fields as anthropology, sociology, economics, and policy studies. The mission of the program is to provide students, faculty, and future public health practitioners with the necessary skills to understand international health issues, learn about domestic and international approaches to international crisis management, and, ultimately, deal more effectively with our own diverse population.

Department of Anthropology

Northwestern’s Department of Anthropology is committed to fostering the historic diversity of the discipline by building an intellectual dialogue between humanistic and scientific perspectives. In particular the department’s undergraduate and graduate programs emphasize the integration of the major anthropological subfields and the application of anthropological training both inside and outside of academia.

Feinberg School of Medicine Center for Global Health

The Feinberg School of Medicine Center for Global Health coordinates and supports the global health activities of the School of Medicine, creating a community to foster innovative science, collaborative effort and approaches that utilize the unique gifts found in clinicians, researchers, students and communities across the globe.

International Partners

University of Cape Town Program in Healthcare Technology Management (HTM)

The University of Cape Town Program in Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) aims for optimal acquisition and utilisation of healthcare technologies - and proper planning, evaluation and assessment of health facilities - as part of efficient and cost-effective healthcare services. In partnership with CIGHT, UCT-HTM co-administers the Northwestern Global Healthcare Technologies Program in South Africa. This study abroad program offers students hands-on experience in developing and managing technology infrastructure to improve health outcomes in resource-poor environments, particularly the townships of Cape Town.