Overview of the Center

The Center for Innovation in Global Health Technologies (CIGHT) recognizes the multidimensional complexity of the global healthcare arena.  Working in alliance with corporate, not-for-profit, and education partners, CIGHT seeks not merely to develop, but bring to market comprehensive, context-appropriate healthcare solutions that integrate seamlessly with the lives of patients and medical practitioners in the developing world.

Our Mission

CIGHT’s mission is defined by three core goals:

  • To transform the lives of patients in the developing world through medical designs that are affordable, available, and meet requirements unique to resource-limited settings
  • To transform the lives of future healthcare leaders by providing students with immersive, on-site training that gives them competence in the whole-context, user-centered, iterative design process required for the development of successful medical solutions
  • To transform the healthcare business model for the developing world through innovative partnerships with self-sustaining, for-profit and not-for-profit companies dedicated to commercialization, manufacture, sale, and distribution of CIGHT proprietary medical technologies