New and Outyear Awards

New Awards

When Northwestern University receives a new award, Sponsored Research is notified. Often negotiations or signatures from authorized officials may be needed. If necessary, the research administrator or SR will contact with the principal investigator regarding any necessary details or changes to the previously submitted project documentation. Once there are no outstanding issues or concerns, SR sets up the award chartstring and sends a Project Account Summary (PAS) to the principal investigator and his or her department with the award details.

It is sometimes the case that multiple chartstrings are set up for a single project (such as a when there is a subproject for a different department or to separate out Participant Support Costs). If you, as PI, receive notification from the awarding agency that your project has been funded, notify your Research Administrator right away ensure timely set up of the award.

Project Account Summary

Once the award process is finalized, Sponsored Research sets up an award chartstring and sends a Project Account Summary (PAS) to the Principal Investigator with the award details. If you have questions, you can contact your Research Administrator.

Outyear Awards

Receiving an outyear award is usually a straightforward process. Outyear funding is often anticipated at the time of the original award set up, and any questions with the budget or updated protocols have typically been addressed. Sometimes outyear awards are indeed new/additional funding. Sponsored Research or the Research Administrators may require the Principal Investigator’s insight.

Please note that outyear award funds are usually added to the same project chartstring rather than a new chartstring, though there are exceptions. If you have additional questions about your outyear award, please contact your Research Administrator.