Students Win at Builtworlds Hackathon

Participants that competed in the Profitability Challenge, facilitated and sponsored by FMI Consulting, optimized profit and loss statements, ran smart simulations, and honed their ability to manage the bevy of operations and processes entailed with helming a construction company.

Of the four teams that participated, three came from general contractors. But, as true Cinderella stories go, the fourth team, a group of students from Northwestern University’s Master of Project Management program, was crowned the winner of the challenge during the BuiltWorlds annual Hackathon that took place December 1-3, 2017 at UI Labs in downtown Chicago.

The underdogs: A team of four Northwestern MPM grad students — Nandita Vadali, Rafael Ochoa, Shikun Wu, and Hiren Kar — won the FMI Profitability Challenge

The inclusion of the Profitability Challenge was a new addition to the Hackathon that proved vital to the overarching mission. “Building in an element of practicality, an element of business, and having that going on simultaneously and then mixing them all together at the end with the presentations and throughout the weekend is a different way to host a Hackathon,” Nick Durham, BuiltWorlds’ B2B Marketing Manager, said.

Four teams participated in the Profitability Challenge, including three teams from general contractors and one team from Northwestern University.

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