Learn to harness data science to design engineering systems

Data Science and Engineering Minor

Jointly offered by the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences and the Department of Computer Science, the data science and engineering minor provides students with practical knowledge fundamental to the data science lifecycle. Students will gain experience with a variety of data models and techniques used for collecting data, cleaning it, and analyzing it. They will also learn how to glean insights from data through multiple modern computational tools, as well as the ability to think critically about the construction and implications of analysis and models for data-driven decision making.

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About the Program

Curriculum at-a-glance

Foundational courses

Students take one introductory studio course and four foundational courses from a set of key thematic areas.

Project-based work

At the end of their studies, students synthesize their knowledge in a second studio class centered around team-based problem solving of various data science challenges.

Opportunity to specialize

To complete the minor, students take two data science elective courses, either related to their major or to broaden their knowledge in data analysis as it relates to other disciplines.

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