magnolia six artIsts was founded in Munich, Germany, to provide challenging, modern, cutting-edge, live English-language theater to a transcultural audience. It rapidly expanded its international presence to Austria, Croatia, and the United States, and was invited to entertain at the United Nations in Vienna. Magnolia entered the Munich theatrical scene with A Night of Mamet in February/March 2006, for which the Sueddeutsche Zeitung admired its "motivated directors" and "engaging and confident actors," and the Munich Abendzeitung praised the cultural contribution of the "Mamet evening...(as) an interesting encounter with unfamiliar texts of an important US playwright." Magnolia continued with its successful multi-national run of the Tony Award-winning play (2000) Copenhagen by British playwright Michael Frayn in 2006, staged in university lecture halls to evoke the academic spirit of its characters. In 2007, the Artists put the comedy Sweet Phoebe on the Munich stage before reprising Copenhagen in 2008 for performance at Northwestern University. In keeping with its innovative spirit, magnolia six artIsts has arranged with Northwestern for the production to be performed on the University campus in a lecture hall of the Technological Institute.