Learn to Create the Sustainable Built Environment of Tomorrow

Architectural Engineering and Design (AED) Minor

Companies are seeking professionals with a strong background in both design and technical fields who are able to plan, design, construct, and operate resilient, high-efficiency, low-carbon, and smart built environments and systems.

Offered by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Minor in Architectural Engineering and Design (AED) blends architectural and design principles with state-of-the-art engineering to train Northwestern students in the creative and analytical skills necessary to shape the sustainable built environment of tomorrow. The program prepares students for advanced study in architecture, to be leaders in engineering design, or to pursue careers in a variety of fields related to the design, construction, and management of buildings and other structures.

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About the Program

Key Features of the AED Minor

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Hands-on Projects

Using a holistic approach, the program instills in students a deep understanding of design language and equips them with the tools to seamlessly blend creativity and technical proficiency. Through hands-on projects, students tackle complex design challenges, navigate intricate engineering requirements, and gain practical insights into the architectural engineering process.

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Study Abroad

The minor offers a unique opportunity to gain invaluable international experience in a one-week study abroad trip. As part of the program, students have the chance to work within world-renowned architectural engineering firms, taking their learning beyond the classroom and into real-world settings.

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