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Felix Wang

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Felix graduated from Middlebury College, a liberal arts college in Vermont, where he studied physics and computer science. His thesis centered on a CFD simulation of Festo’s bird-inspired dual-wing generator to extract wind energy, and while at Middlebury, he built a deep CNN capable of predicting individual preference for facial features in his machine learning project.

Felix's Master of Science in Robotics studies at Northwestern University are focused on the intersection of AI and robotics. In particular, he is passionate about bio-inspired techniques such as genetic algorithms and artificial neural network, and hopes to use AI to improve the performance of robotic applications. 

Felix is originally from Wuhan, China, and lived in Singapore briefly before coming to the United States. During his undergrad, he was an exchange student at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) as part of his liberal arts education.