San Francisco Space Events

Northwestern has an educational space in downtown San Francisco. The Suite 1800 space is a collaboration between the Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications and the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science — a true example of the intersection of disciplines.

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Who Can Use the Space

Previous use of this space has included: the Bay Area Immersion course for McCormick and Medill students, executive education courses, and industry and alumni events hosted by various McCormick programs.

Space Oversight

San Francisco Suite 1800 is under the direction of the Provost Office and there are two on-site, full-time NU staff managing operations.

Food and Beverages

If food and beverage will be served, please follow the standard McCormick event contract review process and submit the NU Event Rider, COI and contract in advance to Marissa Harrison in the McCormick Customer Service Center, You may not proceed without the COI and NU Event Rider signed and on file, especially if serving alcohol.

How to Reserve the Space

1. Attain approval from the appropriate dean

If you are intending to hold a class of any type or duration. you will need approval from the appropriate dean.

2. Submit a completed pre-event reservation form

Submit a completed pre-event reservation form for advance approval of any course offering or event. All activities held within the San Francisco space will be reviewed by McCormick Administration and managed by Tara Sadera, Director of Operations. Please email with any questions or concerns.

Fill out the pre-event approval form

3. receive an approval email

Once the event is approved by McCormick, you will be contacted regarding the next steps. See the San Francisco office’s reservation instructions for more details.

4. register for a space in the sf office

Register for a space using the NU Room & Events System (RES).

nu room reservation system

5. Wait to receive a confirmation from the NU San Francisco Office

You will receive a confirmation that you have successfully reserved the space via the NU RES system. Please wait for this confirmation before proceeding with your events plans.

After the Event

The post-event form should be submitted within two weeks following the event.

Post-event evaluation form