IIoT Pilot Course

In Winter 2018 MEM will be offering a 10-week non-credit, pilot course for students wanting to learn more about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  The course will be held on Thursday evenings from 4:00-6:00 PM (starting January 11) in the MEM Padula classroom.  Space is limited to 20 participants.

Costs:  While the course is free of charge, students have to pay for $250 covering IoT Kit and course material.

Course Description

IoT has an enormous market potential of billions of connected devices generating Trillions in revenues.  IoT will change industries and transform the way we work and live.  Industrial companies are already pivoting from Products to Services leveraging IoT technologies – this digital transformation is more broadly called the Industrial IoT or Industrial Internet.  At the end, these industrial companies will become network-based businesses with connected products and factories.  It’s imperative that these companies transform their organizational architecture as they become connected network businesses.

As companies move beyond proof of concepts and pilots into full production and scale, they will have to turn their focus on the people part of the equation, re-skilling and retraining their workforces. This course aims to fulfil this critical gap. It’s an introductory course to Industrial Internet for any MEM student working in the industrial sector or planning to embark in a career around IoT.

This 10-week non-credit, pilot course will cover the following topics:  (Click to view a more detailed course outline.)

  1. IIoT Market Size and Potential
  2. IIoT Market Segments and Verticals
  3. IIoT Use-Cases and Case Studies
  4. Business Outcome based IIoT Methodology
  5. Economics of IIoT
  6. Enabling Technologies and Platforms
  7. Data driven Analytics and Role of AI
  8. Importance of Security and Architecture
  9. Practical/Lab Exercises
  10. Featured Speakers

About the Instructor

Shahid Ahmed is currently an advisor to several early stage firms focused on the telecom, IoT and digital sectors helping entrepreneurs turn innovative ideas into world class companies.  Shahid was previously a Partner at PwC responsible for several digital practices including Emerging Technologies, IoT and Data & Analytics. Prior to joining PwC, Shahid was a Managing Director with Accenture, where he was responsible for Accenture’s North America Telecommunications $1B+ business.

In February 2011, Shahid was appointed as an Advisor to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) advising on technology issues facing the United States. 

In Winter 2018 he will be teaching a Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) non-credit, pilot course in order to refine the content and develop hands-on labs to establish a future course option for the Northwestern MEM curriculum.  Shahid is an active MEM alum and has been a part of the MEM Industry Advisory Board since 2014.


 Please contact MEM Associate Director, Stephen Tilley, with any questions.