Center for Deep Learning

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Connecting Companies with the Power of AI

Our center provides technical capacity and expertise to companies seeking to establish or improve access to artificial intelligence.

Center for Deep Learning

The Center for Deep Learning’s (CDL) mission is to act as a resource for companies seeking to establish or improve access to artificial intelligence (AI) by providing technical capacity and expertise, allowing the center’s members to achieve proof of concept or deployment.

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The center’s faculty seeks active engagement toward building a robust, comprehensive, and scalable solution for an end-to-end deep learning training and model-serving architecture.

Your membership funds the development of open-source software produced with member input. It also provides you high visibility with Northwestern students and access to faculty for closed-source projects.

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Our work

Our work includes, but is not limited to: model serving for deep learning, model architecture re-design, hyperparameter tuning during model serving, explainability, continuous model monitoring, and prediction or scoring confidence. Explore details below.

Deep Learning Model Serving

  • Feature re-engineering
  • Monitoring
  • Model re-training
  • Dynamic reconfiguration of architecture
  • Feature consistency

Research partnership opportunities

  • optimization
  • natural language processing (NLP)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • marketing and customer intelligence
  • computer vision
  • bioinformatics

Talent and Education

  • Building talent pipelines:
    • advanced degrees
    • certifications
    • internships
  • Seminars, lectures, webinars


  • Open source solutions
  • Meetups
  • Industry, start-up, academia
  • Forums
  • Leadership education training

Deep Learning Model Serving (DELOS) System

Partner with us

We are developing a serving system to address the needs of deep learning models and we are looking for partners to participate, influence, and benefit from it.

If you are either at the beginning of deep learning capability assessment, or already have multiple deep learning models in production, the model serving solution will facilitate crossing the chasm from proof-of-concept to production democratization.

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Deep Data Crunch Podcast

Sometimes AI and deep learning are not only overkill, but also a subpar solution

Learn when to use them and when not.

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Thank you to our current members

Sponsors of the Northwestern University Center for Deep Learning are excited about helping to define the future of deep learning and AI technologies. Sponsors also gain access to top Northwestern researchers, student interns and graduates, and more.

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