Jordan Susskind's ArtJordan Susskind's Art
Jordan Susskind's ArtJordan Susskind's Art
Jordan Susskind's ArtJordan Susskind's Art

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INTERVIEW WITH Jordan Susskind

Jordan is a sophomore Industrial Engineer who creates beautiful pieces of art, usually with just charcoal and paper. Read our interview with him below. Jordan Susskind

Where are you from originally?

Los Angeles, CA

What is your favorite color?

Green because I like nature and have green eyes.

What is your favorite type of music?

That’s hard. Anything written by Lana Del Ray is going to be a favorite of mine.

How did you first become interested in art and what is your preferred medium?

I never really had classes or anything, I just took a liking to it. I would draw whenever I had the chance. I’ve been making art since I can remember. For the most part I sketch with graphite on normal paper, and when it’s not that, it’s oil on canvas.

What are some of your favorite things about your art medium?

I think with graphite and charcoal you can achieve really intense darkness and lightness which can help convey depth and shadow. Then I suppose with oil, I really like the richness of the color and how you can really use strokes with oil to convey texture which you can’t do with a lot of mediums.

Can you tell me about your creative process?

I usually see a photo or a scene that I find inspiring and I’ll alter it in some way in my mind.  I have a top-down way of painting or drawing where I do some general shapes or outlining, then I hone in on the specific details of the piece. I’ll go over the same area of a piece like 20 times until it’s done.

How do you know when it’s done?

I never do. I think I do when I don’t feel inspire to add more to it.

What do you gain from your work?

It really acts as a means to not only express myself, but relieve myself of a lot of the stress that is my life as an engineer. It helps me to balance the very mathy side of my brain with something more expressive and artistic. Also, by helping me delve into my creative side, it has helped me become a better engineer.

How has your artistic background influenced your engineering and vice-versa? 

I’ds ay that art has influenced engineering for me far more than vice versa. Art has helped me exercise that creative side of my brain pretty frequently. I can approach problems by accessing that creative side, which has helped as I've advanced in my engineering career. Classes now consist a lot less of plugging in formulas there’s a huge emphasis on creative problem solving that has definitely been helped by my artistic focus. In computer coding, I also apply the same top-down process as I do with a painting.

Is there someone who has been an important mentor to you in life? What has this person taught you?

My uncle who is an artist in New York City  has always told me do whatever you want and you’ll be successful by your own measure of success.

What does being a whole-brain™ engineer mean to you?

I think what it really means is employing both sides of my brain to solve a problem, whether it’s a math-oriented problem or an art-oriented problem. It’s being able to pull information and skills from both sides to reach a goal.