Featured Students & Faculty

The McCormick Office of Personal Development periodically features student artists and faculty to help you get to know your community at McCormick.

If you would like to nominate a student or faculty member to be featured, please email the McCormick Office of Personal Development.

Featured Student Artist

Jordan Susskind

Jordan Susskind


McCormick sophomore Jordan Susskind is an industrial engineer with a talent for graphite sketching. He has been an artist since he can remember, and now utilizes his creative vision to advance his engineering skills. Jordan defines whole-brain™ engineering as employing both sides of his brain to solve a problem, "whether it’s a math-oriented problem or an art-oriented problem. It’s being able to pull information and skills from both sides to reach a goal."

You can get a sneak peak into Jordan's work and the rest of our interview by clicking below.

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Featured Faculty

Mary Silber

Mary Silber

Professor Silber came to McCormick in 1993 and is a professor in the Department of Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics. She grew up near San Diego and received her BA in Physics from CSU Sonoma, then her PhD in Physics from UC Berkeley.

Silber is an expert in bifurcation theory and in pattern formation, but also enjoys a number of interests outside of engineering including spending time with her family and exploring the outdoors.

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