Extracurricular Opportunities
International Opportunities

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Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW)

ESW mobilizes engineers through education, training, and practical action, building collaborative partnerships to meet the needs of current and future generations. Recent projects have included trips:

  • to Nicaragua to design and build wind turbines
  • to the Philippines to install a ram pump system
  • to Panama to improve septic systems

Global Engagement Summit (GES)

The Global Engagement Summit (GES) is a five-day training conference for students committed to global change. Through workshops, critical discussions, community building, and outcome resources, the Summit offers participants the tools to move beyond their "good intentions" to produce real change.

Global Health Initiative

The Global Health Initiative is a partnership between private industry, non-profit donors, and academia to develop products that address health issues facing underserved communities around the world. Students have the opportunity to assume leadership positions in the following areas: case study, field research, project and academic, external marketing.

study abroad

Engineering Study Abroad Programs 2014-2015

Global Engagement Studies Institute

McCormick students take advantage of various opportunities to study, work, and conduct research abroad.GESI is a two-course summer study abroad program focused on teaching students about community development in a global context. The program focuses in part on asset-based community development, a framework for harnessing the resources of individuals and communities to ensure local ownership and sustainability of development efforts. Countries involved include Bolivia, India, and Uganda.

Student Ambassador Awards

The Global McCormick office invites undergraduates and BS/MS students with global perspective in their engineering careers to serve as Global McCormick Student Ambassadors.

In return for a support stipend of $1,000 to help offset the travel costs of conducting scientific research, project work, or an industry internship abroad, Student Ambassadors will serve Global McCormick’s mission creatively, using their opportunity abroad to inform the general public and/or their research/work community in their host country about Northwestern University, and upon returning, inform fellow McCormick students of their experience abroad.