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Faith-based Opportunities

Explore your faith and spirituality while building community at McCormick and Northwestern University.

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WOrship Opportunities

Asian American Intervarsity christian fellowship (AAIV)

Asian American Intervarsity is a group of students and staff who strive together to grow in love for God, his Word, his people and his purposes in the world. Through small groups, one-on-one discipleships, and large group gatherings, students follow Jesus together, finding deep friendships and real community.


Access is the campus ministry of Harvest Mission Community Church of Chicago. They meet for worship and training in large group gatherings on Friday nights and also gather in smaller groups, LIFE groups, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM)

BCM is a campus-based ministry that hosts weekly gatherings, small group bible studies, social events, and mission trips to North Africa.

Canterbury northwestern

The Canterbury Northwestern is NU's Episcopalian ministry. They meet weekly to worship God and enjoy each other's company, and go on retreats each quarter with other students and chaplains in Chicago and the Midwest.

Chi Alpha

Chi Alpha is a pentecostal campus outreach geared towards ministering to the unique social and spiritual needs of both International and American students at Northwestern University.They host weekly service activities on NU's campus.

Church of the Redeemer

Church of the Redeemer at Northwestern is a church body that meets on campus each Sunday at 11am in Swift Hall, Room 107. In addition to weekly Sunday morning worship services, Church of the Redeemer at Northwestern provides a place of fellowship and edification for Christians on campus through Bible studies, prayer meetings, discipleship, and retreats. Their fellowship includes students from a variety of evangelical, non-denominational, and traditional Church backgrounds.

FIedler Hillel

Fiedler (NU) Hillel offers opportunities for Jewish students to meet and interact throughout the year during weekly Shabbat dinners and services. There are also opportunities to travel through a week-long, Jewish-oriented Alternative Spring Break, and a semester abroad in Israel.

House on the Rock Christian Felllowship (HOTR)

House on the Rock (HotR) is a chapter of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and has been serving Northwestern’s Black community for over 25 years. Their large group meetings are on Friday nights at 7:00 p.m. Some of their events include: Vision, Winterfest, and Chapter Focus week. These conferences offer students and faculty biblical perspectives about social issues and skills for Christian living. They also do "Free Hugs & Free Prayer" each spring to offer encouragement to our brothers and sisters on campus and share God's love in our Northwestern community through hugs and scriptures.

Lutheran Campus Ministry (University Lutheran Church)

Lutheran Campus Ministry (University Lutheran Church) is a community of Christians composed mostly of students at Northwestern who, through Jesus Christ, know God to be astoundingly merciful and steadfastly loving, a daily affirming presence who is the source of countless blessings. They gather on Sundays at 11 AM and Wednesdays at 6 PM to worship God, to witness to and to nurture their faith, to have fun together and develop supportive relationships, to help one another to integrate faith and our academic life and work, to explore their calling from God, and to serve God's people on our campus and in the greater Chicago area.

Northwestern Chinese Christian Fellowship (NCCF)

NCCF is a group of Chinese students, scholars and local families united by the Christian faith. They share the gospel and study Bible in three languages (Mandarin, Cantonese and English) every Friday evening on the Evanston campus. Their door is open to all.

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is a Christian community at Northwestern seeking to reach out to people from diverse backgrounds with the message of the gospel. They meet every Tuesday night at 9pm for a large group meeting and offer a number of small groups that gather throughout the week to study the bible, discuss a book, pray together, and build relationships with one another. They also host numerous social events and service opportunities throughout the year.

Sheil Catholic Center

The Sheil Catholic Center is a faith community of students, faculty, staff and associates who together offer a welcoming place for worship, celebration of sacraments and pastoral care. They promote education and spiritual growth, as well as provide opportunities for service and leadership within the academic setting. Their mission is to transform society by renewing our faith and inviting others to know Christ. Sheil holds mass on Sunday at 9:30 AM, 11 AM, 5 PM, and 9 PM, and Monday-Friday at 5:30 PM.

University Christian Ministry (UCM)

UCM is an ecumenical campus ministry at Northwestern University that is sponsored by the United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church, but welcomes all. UCM has regular events for students, alums, and parents, including retreats, spring break service trips, and weekly discussion groups.


Athletes in Action

Athletes in Action is a interdenominational Christian ministry on NU's campus. They meet Tuesdays at 7:30 PM in Swift 107 to explore the intersection of faith and sport through Athletes in Action’s principles.

Catholic Undergrads (CU)

Catholic Undergrads is an undergraduate student association sponsored by the Sheil Catholic Center. They hold weekly meetings on Wednesdays at 8:45 p.m. at Sheil. Activities range from social events to service projects to discussions on various faith-related topics. They also host regular social and service events throughout the quarter, including visiting a nursing home, volunteering at a soup kitchen, playing broomball, and among others.

First Night at Sheil

First Night @ Sheil gives new Northwestern students a chance to meet their classmates and spend the night at Sheil Catholic Center before moving onto campus. Activities include a barbecue, campus-wide scavenger hunt, icebreaking games and opportunities to ask upperclassmen questions. After the sleepover, First Night concludes with breakfast before you check into your residence halls.

Christians on Campus (CoC)

Christians on Campus is a campus group comprising believers in Christ from various backgrounds. Each Friday during the school year, Christians on Campus hosts fellowship meetings at several homes in the community adjacent to Northwestern. In addition to the Friday night fellowship meetings, they regularly come together with other Christians from the NU Medical Center, the Law School, UIC, and the University of Chicago.


Cru is a Christian community desiring to make a real impact on campus. They have large group meetings Thursdays at 9 PM in Fisk 217, along with small groups and retreats.

Greek Intervarsity

Greek InterVarsity is where being Greek and Christian come together at Northwestern. Their main activities on campus include helping Greeks explore faith and starting bible discussions in fraternities and sororities.

Interfaith Initiative (NUii)

NUii's chief objective is to promote and spread awareness of religious pluralism by increasing constructive communication between religiously diverse peers within the Northwestern community. NUii serves as a nexus for campus religious groups to coordinate cosponsored programming. They welcome people of all types of backgrounds, including those who claim a faith and those who do not. NUii holds weekly hour-long meetings. Each meeting starts off with a free dinner. Afterwards, they introduce their discussion topic, guest speakers, or event theme and have an evening filled with lasting conversations and challenging questions.

NU InterVarsity

A biblically based organization hoping to present the message of Christ to the campus and world, is open to all students. Weekly large group meetings and small group Bible discussion and prayer groups are included in this ministry.

Latino Fellowship (LaFe)

LaFe is an InterVarsity Christian Fellowhip ministry to Latino/a students on campus, across the US. They are una comunidad that welcomes Catholics, Evangelicals, and anyone who seeks to know more about and/or deepen their relationship with God. They meet Tuesdays at 7:30pm in the MCC TV Lounge for discussing the Bible, celebrating, food, and fun. LaFe is committed to developing Latino leaders who serve the campus community with the love of Jesus Christ as they explore God, faith, and the experiences of our people by providing students a place for Spiritual Growth, Community, Service, and Familia.

LDS Student Association (LDSSA)

The LDS Student Association (LDSSA) is a student organization which sponsors social, religious, and recreational activities for LDS (Mormon) college students and their friends at Northwestern University. The mission of LDSSA is to help NU Students stay close with the Church, succeed in their studies, and achieve a balanced educational-social life while on campus; to motivate LDS students to become a powerful influence for good on the campus; to provide meaningful activities that are consistent with Church standards; also provide religious instruction through Institute classes offered by the Church Educational System; and to coordinate Church related activities for college students. LDSSA helps to create a sense of belonging, an opportunity for leadership, and an expanded circle of friends who share similar values and beliefs.


Meor Northwestern is a campus-based organization dedicated to extending Jewish learning opportunities to the broadest spectrum of Jewish students at Northwestern University. Through timely classes, lively discussions, transformative trips and other programming, their goal is to inspire a life-long love affair with Jewish learning and living. Further, they encourage the development of a vibrant, tolerant campus community in which every Jew is welcomed and valued.

Muslim-cultural Students Association (McSA)

The Muslim-cultural Students Association (McSA) is a community oriented organization that caters to the many different needs of Northwestern students. Their members are Muslim and non-Muslim alike. Even with such a diverse membership, their fundamental goals remain the same. Be it Discover Islam Week, philanthropy food drives, Ramadan dinners, or simply tutoring younger students, their primary motive is to promote the human values that Islam emphasizes: community, equality, justice, mercy, compassion and peace.

Northwestern Community Ensemble (NCE)

NCE is Northwestern's premier gospel choir, performing spiritual, gospel, and anthem music from the black Christian tradition. They seek to provide Northwestern's African American community as well as the broader Northwestern community opportunities to engage with Black culture, gospel music, and Christian faith through concerts and other performances.

OM Hindu CUltural Council (OM HCC)

OM Hindu Cultural Council is a student group on campus whose mission is to share and cultivate an awareness of Hindu culture & traditions with the Northwestern community through social events and educational discussions. Their vision is to be Northwestern’s leading educational forum for Hindu culture and traditions. All undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and staff are welcome to participate in OM's activities. Members of OM do not have to be Hindu or have a background in Hinduism.

Northwestern University Secular Student Alliance (NU SSA)

The purpose of NU SSA is to promote reason, ethics, and justice, in the place of the supernatural and the spiritual as the basis for moral reflection and decision-making. This includes propagating the ideal of religious freedom and freedom from religion; advancing the public understanding and appreciation of science and the scientific method, as well as exposing pseudoscience; creating a campus community for freethinkers and skeptics that will provide a positive social network for those who dissent and question; debating the philosophies of science, skepticism, and theism, thereby provoking meaningful discourse between religious and nonreligious students alike; exploring secular and humanist ethics; combating racism, sexism, ethnocentrism, and heterosexism from a secularist standpoint; safeguarding the freedom of expression by opposing censorship; challenging academic fads and orthodoxy; and most importantly, cultivating in ourselves and in others a sense of responsibility to—and compassion for—humanity.

Northwestern Zen Society (Zen Club)

Zen Society gets together every week and practices Zen-style seated meditation (zazen). All meetings are followed by an open discussion. Various Zen retreats and longer sessions are planned throughout the year, and all are welcome.

This We Believe Northwestern

This We Believe Northwestern is an initiative where students, staff, and faculty come together to share a meal and create belief statements reflecting on an aspect of their personal philosophy. This We Believe Northwestern is based on the popular National Public Radio program, “This I Believe,” (thisibelieve.org). Northwestern successfully piloted the program in the spring of 2012. Over four weeks, small groups meet over a meal to write and share their own essays in a supportive environment. It is one way we can build deeper connections with students, staff, and faculty. This We Believe Northwestern grew out of a group of Northwestern staff working on implementing and assessing the Spirituality learning domain of the Division of Student Affairs.

Young Life

Young Life is a non-denominational Christian outreach to high school and middle school students. Young Life leadership is an opportunity for Northwestern students to serve as volunteer leaders with kids in the local area. NU students gather with students from Loyola University and adults in the community regularly for training, encouragement, and planning.

Bible study

ReJOYce in Jesus Campus Fellowship (RJCF)

ReJOYce in Jesus Campus Fellowship (RJCF) encourages students to pursue an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and demonstrate Christ-likeness in their character. RJCF hosts Bible Study every Wednesday night in Parkes Hall Room 222 at 8:00 PM.

University Bible Fellowship (UBF)

UBF is an interdenominational, evangelical fellowship dedicated to world campus evangelization. It works through one-to-one Bible study, Bible testimony sharing, group Bible study, Sunday worship and Bible conferences.

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