Academic Planning

Northwestern offers many resources to help students navigate a path through the university. Browse the links on this page as you plan out your academic career.

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Choosing a Major

Visit the McCormick Advising System for assistance

You might also visit the University Academic Advising Center for help choosing and declaring a major, and to get more information on double majors and dual degrees.


As you consider your undergraduate major, MOPD is pleased to provide one-page snapshots that offer a brief summary of each major. The snapshots contain a basic introduction, including:

  • The field’s top five challenges in the next five years
  • Graphical representations of how upperclassmen spend their time
  • Plans of graduating seniors
  • Examples of positions held by recent graduates
  • Interesting upper-level courses
  • Research areas
  • Faculty profiles

Snapshots by Major

Note: Snapshots are updated on a rolling basis.

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The University Academic Advising Center offers tutoring and academic support for students who need help in engineering, math, social sciences, writing, and other areas.

McCormick also provides assistance through its Tech Tutoring Program

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Social Sciences / Humanities Theme Requirement

The Social Sciences / Humanities Theme Requirement calls for McCormick students to develop an area of competency related to the study of the human condition.

During the course of developing this area, students have an opportunity to develop whole-brain™ ways of thinking as part of their undergraduate curriculum at McCormick.

Students choose from over 1,600 courses to build a theme beyond engineering and hone their abilities in areas like critical thinking, artistic expression, and presenting and analyzing compelling arguments.

McCormick encourages students to consider what skills they would like to foster as they create their theme. Being a well-rounded engineer means being able to examine issues from multiple perspectives, and the wide variety of courses available to McCormick students allows them to add a deeper, whole-brain dimension to their education.

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Course Planning

As you make plans for your course of study at McCormick, you'll want to review the various courses offered within the school. View the courses offered for all McCormick departments.

View the curricula and degree requirements for each program:

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Summer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to continue your development through the summer months. These include research opportunities through Northwestern and other schools in the U.S. and abroad, and internships through the Summer Internship Grant Program.

Browse summer research opportunities for undergraduates