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Craft, Connect, Create

Cultivating awareness, supporting curious minds, and improving our ability to problem-solve and succeed.

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Helping students embrace growth, flexibility, and collaboration

The Personal Development StudioLab is a space where students develop and practice their life approach, as they hone their craft and connect with themselves and others, to create a better future.

We support the McCormick School of Engineering and Northwestern University by providing students with courses, opportunities, resources, and experiences for their personal growth. Through this environment, we help transform students into whole-brain thinkers who engage the world with both “left-brain” analytical thinking and “right-brain” creative thinking to best understand, frame, and solve complex problems.

A Curious Life

Engage your willingness to wonder

Choosing to be intentionally curious can lead to a more productive, optimistic, and effective quality of awareness. Learn to optimize your energy in pursuit of your goals.

Our curriculum model

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Learn to be intentional, connected, and curious

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Unique courses to help students grow their interpersonal and career-related life skills.

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View forums and read articles about how the Personal Development StudioLab helps Northwestern students ignite their curiosity.

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Faculty from multiple schools and units within Northwestern teach our courses, including the McCormick School of Engineering, the School of Communication, and Counseling and Psychological Services leadership from Student Affairs.

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