Meet Your MGLC Representatives



Photo of Abhishek Amrithanath

Abhishek Amrithanath

Mechanical Engineering
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Photo of Michael Evangelopoulos

Michael Evangelopoulos

Biomedical Engineering
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Photo of Eden Aklile

Eden Aklile

Materials Science and Engineering
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Professional Development Chair

Fun fact: I hope to master two new languages in the next five years: Arabic and Mandarin

Photo of Elsa  Koninckx

Elsa Koninckx

Chemical and Biological Engineering
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Social Media Chair & Social Chair

Fun fact: I also made and manage the Broadbelt Lab website

Photo of Mike Lee

Mike Lee

Computer Science
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Social Chair



Photo of Samantha Webster

Samantha Webster

Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
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Community and Outreach Chair

Fun fact: My face has been licked by a very large giraffe. 

Photo of Annalisa Taylor

Annalisa Taylor

Mechanical Engineering
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Inter-Organization Liaison



Photo of Mihir Bhagat

Mihir Bhagat

Chemical and Biological Engineering
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Student Advisor (Past President)