• Student with small child
  • Easter Island faces in front of Tech

    The MOPD salutes the random act of creation responsible for the "Tech Snow Faces"

  • Image of Lauren Tyndall's painting

    Featured work from the McCormick student artist of the month

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  • Leonard Riskin speaks to McCormick students

    Leonard Riskin speaks to McCormick students about "Mindfulness in the Engineering Profession."

  • Students studying in Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center

Julio Ottino quote

The McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science is the only engineering school in the country with a formally established office of personal development. We are proud of our student-centered focus and the opportunities for personal growth available at McCormick. The desired outcome of the McCormick Office of Personal Development is to cultivate a body of engineers who are:

  • more self-aware;
  • empowered to take ownership and responsibility for their learning;
  • knowledgeable about the opportunities available to them (and how these opportunities connect to their personal goals);
  • highly resilient and possess the scope of vision to take on big problems.

At McCormick, personal development means opportunities to...


Northwestern offers a wide range of experiences, and we want you to be intentional about the extracurricular activities you choose.


As you consider all your academic options, we offer meetings and seminars where you can discuss your work and development with fellow students and advisers.


Through critical examination of and reflection on your experiences, we hope you'll leave McCormick with clear ideas of who you are and how you can reach your goals.

McCormick Office of Personal Development