The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program will cap at 40 students each year to ensure individualized instruction.The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program will cap at 40 students each year to ensure individualized instruction.

Program Admissions

Thank you for your interest in the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program. This page contains information about application requirements and deadlines.


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Application Deadlines

Recommended submission deadline: February 15
Final deadline: April 30

For the best chance of admission, ALL application materials should be submitted by the recommended submission deadline. We will give first consideration to all applications received by the recommended deadline and begin sending out admissions decisions shortly thereafter. Admissions decisions will continue to be sent out through the end of May. Applications received between the recommended deadline and the final deadline may not receive full consideration if the program is full.

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Application Requirements

Before applying to the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program, please read the application requirements detailed below. These requirements outline the metrics used in evaluating applications. We use these factors as indicators to assess the likelihood of a student's success in the program. No one factor is the gateway, but each of these factors plays a role. If you have an argument for factors that we should or should not consider, please include it in your personal statement.


Individuals should have completed a BA/BS in Computer Science or in a related field.

Work Experience

A strong preference will be given to applicants who have work experience (at least two years) in a related field, such as development, design, or software architecture.

Application Fee

$75 application fee payable in US funds.


The online application requires you to submit a scanned, unofficial copy of your transcript from each college or university that you have attended. Please make sure that the scanned transcripts are legible before uploading them. If you are offered a place in the MSAI program and you decide to enroll, you will be required to submit one official copy of each transcript. Official transcripts should be sent directly from the issuing institution's registrar either mailed to the address below in sealed, unopened envelopes or emailed to as official electronic transcripts.

Letters of Recommendation

We require three letters of recommendation from either faulty at a prospective student’s undergraduate institution, or from current employers/managers. If neither is available, applicants will need to provide a clear explanation why this is the case.

GRE Scores

Unofficial scores may be entered in the online application, and scanned copies of the scores may be uploaded. If scans are uploaded, program staff will contact ETS and verify your scores (no need to send official scores). If scans are not provided in the online application, official scores should be sent to Northwestern University Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence. Our institution code is 2601.


Non-native English speakers will need to provide TOEFL scores. Our institution code is C038.


You must upload a current resume or CV in the online application.

Supplemental Material

The admissions team will review candidates for evidence of self-directed work in Computer Science such as shared code repositories (e.g., Github), open source publications, and developer’s forums such Stack Overflow. Applicants should provide URLs to accounts and/or repositories.

Personal Statement

Applicants need to provide a one-page personal statement that outlines their goals with respect to the program and how they see the program as helping them to achieve those goals.

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