Appointment & Visa Request Form

To initiate an appointment and/or visa, please complete the Appointment & Visa Request Form. Email the form to the Customer Service Center, or give the form to your BA.

Research Visitor Vetting Checklist

To ensure full vetting of visiting researchers, please complete the Research Visitor Vetting Checklist and submit it to the Customer Service Center with the Appointment & Visa Request Form. This checklist is required for all appointments as Research Affiliate, Visiting Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Visiting Post-Doctoral Fellow, and Visiting Scholar.

Admin on Assignment

Temporary administrative support is available to McCormick departments by request. To inquire about temporary assignment support for financial, program, or business administration in your unit, please email Kimberly Higgins.

Reimbursement Request Form

To request expense report reimbursement, please complete the Reimbursement Request Form.

McCormick CSC Processing Timelines - Table

A comprehensive table of the types of visa statuses offered, work authorization, processing times, etc.

Preliminary Invitation Letter

If you have additional questions that were not answered on our webpage regarding Preliminary Invitation Letters, please email the Customer Service Center.

Travel Letter

View and edit a sample Travel Letter to your specifications. To request a travel letter, email the Customer Service Center.