Photo of Kojo Welbeck

Hi, My name is Kojo Welbeck. 

My current primary interests in robotics are (1) situated at the intersection of electromechanical product design and development, applied machine learning and assistive technology for the manufacturing space; and (2) in autonomous navigation, generally.

I was born and raised in Accra, Ghana; studied mechanical engineering at MIT; then cut my teeth as a mechanical design engineer at Compass Automation in the greater Chicago area. There, I designed and directed the build of a handful of precision industrial robotic cells for handling, assembling, inspecting/testing, and packaging products across a few different industries. 

Prior to joining this cohort of roboticists, I architected home automation solutions with a startup in Accra--Clearspace Labs--and then worked on web development and woodworking projects in a freelance capacity. 

I am excited to be here and I am excited to study and build robotic applications full-time!