Meet Our Students
Andrew Thompson

Photo of Andrew Thompson

Andrew was first introduced to robotics as a young man, participating in and eventually becoming an officer of his high school's robotics & design team. He would go on to participate in a wide range of research interests while attending Indiana University, including questions in endocrinology, digital humanities, and (most centrally) the biophysics of vision. Throughout all lines of research, the primary drive was to better understand the differences and similarities between biological and mechanical systems.

After graduating, Andrew joined on as lab manager at the de Ruyter Biophysics lab, where he spent a year working on software design for the generation of experimental stimuli as well as for neural recording. The position additionally involved analysis of experimental data as well as the maintenance and development of laboratory resources.

Andrew is now pursuing a master's degree in robotics, where he hopes to further explore the interface between human and artifice. After graduation he intends to enter the broad field of prosthetics, with particular interest in neuromuscular interface.