Director's Message

Robert Chang, Director of MRI

The Materials Research Institute was established in 1997 as an independent university unit that supports crosscutting initiatives in materials research, education, and global community building.

MRI was conceived based on the notion that science and engineering and their applications are intimately connected to the global community of mankind. The world as a whole is impacted by global challenges in the area of energy, environment, health, and security. To solve these pending problems there needs to be stronger collaborative efforts in research and education with the participation of developed and developing nations.

To accomplish this mission, MRI embarked on a three-strand approach, intertwining areas of materials research, education, and global community-building projects. Together, these combined projects produce impacts that are greater than the sum of the individual parts. Through these programs many students and scholars have built life-long network and research benefits.

Of particular significance is the establishment in 2012 of the “NU-NIMS Center for Materials Innovation” to create a network of researchers and their organizations including industrial partners both in the US and Japan. The goal is to strengthen complementary expertise in materials science and technology, in particular in the area of materials genome programs, both in the US and Japan.