Affiliated Faculty

Photo of Michael Beltran

Michael Beltran

CAD/CAM/CAE Teaching Lab Instructor and Lecturer

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Photo of J. Alex Birdwell

J. Alex Birdwell

Associate Professor of Instruction in Undergraduate Engineering

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Photo of Catherine Brinson

Catherine Brinson

Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering, McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University

Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Duke University

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Photo of Xinqi Chen

Xinqi Chen

Research Associate Professor

Facility Manager of Keck Interdisciplinary Surface Science (Keck-II) Center, NUANCE Center

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Photo of Matthew Elwin

Matthew Elwin

Assistant Professor of Instruction of Mechanical Engineering

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Photo of Zhengtao Gan

Zhengtao Gan

Research Assistant Professor

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Photo of David Gatchell

David Gatchell

Clinical Professor in Biomedical Engineering

Clinical Professor in Mechanical Engineering

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Photo of Nicholas Marchuk

Nicholas Marchuk

Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

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Photo of Jose Pons

Jose Pons

Professor (by Courtesy Appointment)

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Photo of Jane Zhu

Jane Zhu

Research Assistant Professor