MAT_SCI 372: Engineering Strategies in Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine

Quarter Offered

None ;


MatSci 201, 301 or consent of instructor


This course will introduce the fundamental concepts involved in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Students will become familiar with different molecular, cellular, and biomaterial engineering approaches used to regenerate tissue or treat disease. There will be specific emphasis on biomaterial design, fabrication, and characterization methods, as well as different strategies used to enhance regeneration.

Textbook: There is no textbook for the class but many reading assignments will come from the following sources: Textbooks: 1. Biomaterials Science, by Ratner, Hoffman, Schoen, and Lemons. Second Edition, Academic Press, 2004. (OPTIONAL) 2. Tissue Engineering, by Blitterswijk, Thomsen, Hubbell, and Cancedda. First Edition, Adademic Press Series, 2008. (OPTIONAL)