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Department staff are committed to providing attentive and comprehensive administrative support to the MSE community. Please view the sections below for detailed resources. 

  • For a complete directory of department staff, please click here. For useful information regarding department checkout forms, reimbursements, purchasing, contractor visits, and social media, please click here.

  • For undergraduate academic forms and career resources, please visit our Undergraduate Student Resources page. For frequently used academic forms, career resources, and resources for international graduate students, please visit our Graduate Student Resources page.

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Office Hours

The MSE Department office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. CT through 5:00 p.m. CT. Please note that all administrative staff members are on a hybrid schedule; if a specific team member is not in the office on a select day, please contact them via e-mail or schedule a Zoom or Teams meeting. Our goal is to continue providing great customer service to all MSE community members.

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Student/postdoc/researcher mail is currently available for pick-up in the main hallway of the MSE office suite (Cook 2036). Core faculty mail remains in Cook 2036 near the printer.

You can pick up non-perishable packages directly from Tech D110 Monday through Friday, 12 - 1 PM. Perishable packages are available for pick-up from Tech MG92 Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM. Immediate pickup of perishable packages is necessary due to limited space.

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Beginning January 18, 2022, the department's 2nd floor printer in Cook 2036 will once again be available for black-and-white or color printing. For instructions on connecting to the 2nd floor printer from your computer, please click here.

The department's 3rd floor printer in Cook Hall is available for black-and-white printing. For instructions on connecting to the 3rd floor printer from your computer, please click here.

*To print/scan documents or connect with either printer, you must be a registered user. If you would like to be registered for the 2nd or 3rd floor printer, please email with your University (student/employee) ID number.*

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Keys and Wildcard Access

Please send your NetID and Employee/Student ID to to request Wildcard access to Cook Hall and the Tech building. If you need additional access to specific facilities, please specify this in your request. For key requests, please fill out this form and submit your request to Please forward email documentation of PI approval with all access requests.

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Research groups can contact regarding purchasing needs. iBuy carts can be assigned to Michele McManmon.

Current MSE Non-Catalog Purchasing Order Form
Please submit this form when requesting items not available in iBuyNU.

Multiple Project Allocation Form
Please complete this form when submitting purchase requests in which the cost is split between multiple chart-strings.


Northwestern University Risk Management’s contractor approval process (Contractor Safety Program) is required for all companies who conduct activities on campus. If the contractor you are working with is not on the approved or pending lists, please add the company here to initiate the approval process or request MSE staff assistance with this process.

Please note that all visitors, including contractors, are no longer required to register before coming onsite. All unvaccinated visitors are encouraged to still monitor their symptoms and comply with applicable safety protocols. Visitors are afforded access to the Symptom Tracker application to monitor daily symptoms.

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MSE students, postdocs, and researchers can contact regarding reimbursements for travel, events, etc. (Faculty reimbursements should be routed to McCormick Customer Service Center.)

For complete instructions on submitting a reimbursement request, please click here.

Download other useful fillable expense reimbursement forms here:

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Other Services

Notary Services

If you have a document to be notarized, you can contact Shirley Bar-Meir and Elena Lindstrom to set up an appointment time.

Room Reservations

To reserve a room within the MSE department, please fill out the following form.

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University COVID-19 Resources

The MSE Department is closely monitoring developments related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and will follow local, state, and University guidelines for our programming. Helpful links to University resources related to COVID-19 can be found below.

COVID-19 Northwestern Engineering Resources

Northwestern COVID-19 and Campus Updates

Procedures for Positive Cases of COVID-19

Travel Expectations During COVID-19

COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols

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