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Please find useful forms and information regarding department reimbursements, purchasing, and social media below. 

  • For a complete directory of department staff, please click here. For more information about department services (including printer registration, key distribution, and Wildcard access requests), please click here.
  • For undergraduate academic forms and career resources, please visit our Undergraduate Student Resources page. For frequently used academic forms, career resources, and resources for international graduate students, please visit our Graduate Student Resources page.
  • For a list of mental health resources curated by department staff, please click here. For more resources centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion, please click here

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Checkout Forms 

Master's Students
Please be sure to review the MS degree graduation requirements on TGS's website

PhD Students
Please be sure to review the PhD degree graduation requirements on TGS's website

Please ensure that you have checked in with Shirley Bar-Meir and the McCormick Customer Service Center prior to preparing for departure from the Northwestern MSE Department.



For complete instructions on submitting a reimbursement request, please click here.

Download other useful fillable expense reimbursement forms here:

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Purchasing Forms

Current MSE Non-Catalog Purchasing Order Form
Please submit this form when requesting items not available in iBuyNU.

Multiple Project Allocation Form
Please complete this form when submitting purchase requests in which the cost is split between multiple chart-strings. 

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Northwestern University Risk Management’s contractor approval process (Contractor Safety Program) is required for all companies who conduct activities on campus. If the contractor you are working with is not on the approved or pending lists, please add the company here to initiate the approval process or request MSE staff assistance with this process. 

Please note that all vvisitors, including contractors, are no longer required to register before coming onsite. All unvaccinated visitors are encouraged to still monitor their symptoms and comply with applicable safety protocols. Visitors are afforded access to the Symptom Tracker application to monitor daily symptoms.

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Social Media

Social Media Submission Form
Share content you'd like to see featured on the MSE Department social media platforms! 

MSE Department Facebook Page

MSE Department LinkedIn Page

MSE Department Instagram Account

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