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Spring 2011
Architecture in Berlin

Eight students in the Architecture Engineering & Design program spent a week early last September at the Berlin offices of Murphy/Jahn working on a design project and observing the workings of an architecture firm.


The Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
In the last four years the Farley Cen­ter has dramatically expanded course offerings in entrepreneurship, created an incubator space for start-up businesses, allocated preseed funds for start-ups, and provided guidance to students and professors who wanted to make their ideas successful. In other words, it has made entre­preneurship an integral part of the McCormick culture.
The Segal Design Institute
Over the past 15 years, from the development of the first-year EDC classes and introduction of the Segal Design Institute to the creation of several graduate pro­grams, design has become an integral part of the curriculum and culture at McCormick.
Better Bridges
Northwestern's Infrastructure Technology Institute employs a team of research engineers and faculty members to develop strategies and tools to protect and improve the condition, capacity, and performance of the nation’s highway, railroad, and mass-transit systems -- like the Chicago Transit Authority.
Energizing Research
In the search for new sustainable energy technologies, answers often lie not in devices but in the materials that make them work. In everything from photovoltaic cells to fuel cells and electrodes in batteries , researchers are looking at materials—how they act under different circumstances , and how they can be designed—to find next-generation solutions to our growing energy problems.
Mobile Menagerie
A recently developed Lincoln Park Zoo application provides maps, photos, schedules, and animal information for curious zoo visitors. It’s the result of a multidisciplinary project that allowed Northwestern students to apply what they’ve learned about computer science, management, and marketing to create a real business and work with one of Chicago’s oldest nonprofit institutions.
A Different Sort of Equation
Professor Danny Abrams is using his expertise in synchronization and the physics of social systems to create mathematical models of these phenomena that may ultimately give us a new outlook on human behavior.
Robotics: Specialized Machines Inspired By Biology
At McCormick, engineers have set their sights on designing specialized robots that can perform specific tasks—like navigating crowded, murky waters or replacing lost limbs—that humans find it difficult or impossible to do.
For most people, social network websites such as Facebook and Twitter provide easy real-time updates on the activities and opinions of friends and celebrities. But for computer scientists these sites provide large data sets that enable new research possibilities. Two professors at McCormick are using social networking to establish new platforms for Internet communication and security.
McCormick: A Family Tradition
When most people talk about the “McCormick family,” they’re referring to the school’s close-knit community and the collegial atmosphere that spawns countless collaborations and decades-long careers. But for some people, that phrase can be used literally.
Alumni Profile: Gwynne Shotwell
Gwynne Shotwell ('86, '88) is now president of SpaceX, one of the most innovative companies in the country.

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