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Murphy society donors


The Walter P. Murphy Society honors individuals for their annual gifts of $1,000 or more to the McCormick School. Members have a unique opportunity to assist the dean in making decisions to fund faculty and student initiatives through Murphy Society grants. The society honors the legacy of Walter P. Murphy, the benefactor whose gifts supported the construction of the Technological Institute.


Life Fellows

Life Fellows are recognized for their extraordinary support of the mission and goals of the school through their gifts of $500,000 or more.


Peter J. Barris ’74 and Adrienne Chagares Barris

William R. Blackham ’52

Johnnie Cordell Breed, H ’97

Stanton R. Cook ’49, H ’85

Lester Crown ’46

John A. Dever ’51

James N. Farley ’50 and Nancy Hollabaugh Farley

Robert J. Fierle ’45

Wilbur H. Gantz and Linda Theis Gantz

Lavern Norris Gaynor ’45

Leonard G. Ginger ’39, ’66

Madeline Halpern ’77, MSJ ’86

Estate of Richard C. Halpern

Melville H. Hodge ’52 and Jane K. Hodge ’52

James N. Krebs ’45

Estate of George H. Martin, PhD ’55

Richard S. Pepper ’53 and Roxelyn Miller Pepper ’53

Estate of William H. Richardson Jr. ’59

Patrick G. Ryan ’59, H ’09 and Shirley Welsh Ryan ’61

David Sachs ’81 and Karen Richards Sachs

Gordon I. Segal ’60 and Carole Browe Segal ’60

Benjamin W. Slivka, BSAM ’82, BSCS ’82, MS ’85 and Lisa Wissner-Slivka ’85

William M. Smedley ’38, MS ’40

Denise Smith

Harold B. Smith, MBA ’57

Chu Tull

William J. White ’61 and Jane Schulte White


Dean’s Circle

$10,000 or more

Curt J. Andersson ’84 and Susan C. Andersson

Donn R. Armstrong ’62

Jeffrey Beir ’80 and Sarah Beir

John W. Blieszner ’74 and Constance Knope Blieszner ’74

Harold E. Bond ’46, MBA ’64 and Pauline June Bond

Estate of Edward M. Cikanek ’64

Neil Collins

David W. Cugell and Christina Enroth-Cugell

David Alan Eckert ’77

Estate of Frances I. Edwards

Scott H. Filstrup ’65, MBA ’67 and Margee Filstrup

James F. Gibbons ’53 and Mary Krywick Gibbons ’54

Estate of Donna Lynn Gilbert ’82

Estate of John S. Grabowski ’54, MBA ’62

Estate of Carolyn Oas Haase ’56

John Allen Haase ’53, MS ’64

Jiaxing Huang

Mark Hueschen and Sandra Lee

John Z. Kukral ’82 and Karin Bain Kukral

James R. Lancaster ’55

Patricia Christensen Lancaster

Jan E. Leestma, MBA ’85 and Louise M. Leestma

Michael P. Lidrich ’72, MS ’79

Wing Kam Liu

Stella Mah

Mary Cheang Meister ’98 and Ethan Meister

Gregory John Merchant, PhD ’90

Daniel D. Mickelson ’63 and Sandra Riney Mickelson

Donald P. Monaco ’74, MS ’74 and Patricia Kiefer Monaco

Donald A. Norman and Julie J. Norman

D. Eugene Nugent ’51 and Bonnie Weidman Nugent ’49

David L. Porges ’79 and Gabriela Andrich Porges

Vivek Ragavan ’74 and Nilima Ragavan

Warren W. Rasmussen ’53, MBA ’56 and Nancy Petersen Rasmussen ’53

Damoder P. Reddy, MS ’67 and Soumitri Reddy

Virginia Nicosia Rometty ’79

Victor Robert Rotering ’83, MMgt ’85 and Nancy Rodkin Rotering, MMgt ’85

William Sample and Karen Sample

Leif Selkregg

Robert E. Shaw ’70, MMgt ’81 and Charlene Heuboski Shaw ’70

Patricia Timpano Sparrell, MS ’82 and Duncan Sparrell

Michael Stark ’78 and Shauna Stark

Tim J. Stojka ’89 and Effie Zounis Stojka ’89

William A. Streff Jr. ’71, JD ’74 and Kathleen Myslinski Streff

Alan R. Swanson ’71 and Janet E. Rassenfoss

Charles Thomas and Cary Meer

Estate of Alice L. Trinker

Thomas C. Tyrrell ’67 and Melanie Tyrrell

Hugo L. Vandersypen, MS ’69, PhD ’73

Todd M. Warren ’87 and Ruth Warren

Johannes Weertman and Julia Randall Weertman

Howard B. Witt ’63 and Marilyn A. Witt

Estate of Donald M. Yamashita, MBA ’76



$5,000 to $9,999


James S. Aagaard ’53, MS ’55, PhD ’57 and Mary-Louise Aagaard

Phil Bakes

Clay T. Barnes ’88, MBA ’92, MEM ’92 and Karen Griffin Barnes ’88

Peter Andrei Belytschko ’98, MBA ’05

Delfo Bianchini ’79 and Francine Bianchini

Leo Price Blackford

Daniel Roy Boggs, MS ’91, PhD ’94 and Virginia Boggs

David E. Boyce ’61

Andrew T. Boyle, MMgt ’00

Laverne S. Brown ’45

Lee C. Carr ’68

Vando D’Angiolo

Lee A. Dayton Sr. ’65 and Mrs. Lee A. Dayton

William Galliani ’84, ’88 and Carolyn McPadden Galliani ’84, MS ’88

Bill Gibbons ’73, MS ’74 and Eileen Goode Gibbons ’74

Michael N. Goodkind, PhD ’73 and Mary E. Goodkind, MS ’70, MMgt ’81

Gene M. Handel ’68

Jonathan Hoff and Judy Hoff

Mele Howland

Michael Jacobson and Trine Sorensen-Jacobson

Josetta I. Jones ’92

Troy R. Karlsson ’84 and Kimberly Karlsson

John E. Kranjc ’77

Timothy K. Krauskopf ’84, MBA ’99

William J. Kroll Jr. ’67, MS ’71

Sek-Hon A. Leung ’80 and Jenny Leung

Mark S. Lillie ’81

Larry Lu and Ann Lu

Priscilla Marilyn Lu, PhD ’80

Bret R. Maxwell ’81, MMgt ’82 and Marjorie S. Maxwell

John A. McQuown ’57

Ralph F. Medcalf Jr. ’62 and Diane Medcalf

Jason James Meyer, MPM ’10

Thomas F. Mich, MS ’64 and Judith Greasley Mich ’64

Mark J. Modzelewski ’84 and Jacqueline Modzelewski

Michael M. Morison ’85, MBA ’95 and Gloria Gottfried Morison ’87

Leon N. Moses and Rae A. Moses

David L. Nichols ’91, MBA ’00 and Charmaine Jackson Nichols, MMgt ’99

Kenneth J. Porrello ’78, MMgt ’82 and Sherry L. McFall ’78

Stephen R. Pratt ’84 and Edie Zusman Pratt ’85, MD ’87

Mark A. Ratner, PhD ’69 and Nancy Ratner

Philip D. Robers, PhD ’68 and Sandra Robers

Scott David Roberts ’01, ’01 and Jill Lewandowski Roberts ’03, MBA ’11

Estate of Donald M. Ross, MS ’48

John Ruan III ’67

John M. Torkelson

Joseph Tort and Miriam Tort

James E. Van Ness, MS ’51, PhD ’54 and Mary Ellen Van Ness

Boris V. Vuchic, PhD ’95

James N. White ’85 and Patricia White

Leslie A. Wiley ’79 and Clarence L. Irving Jr. ’76



$2,500 to $4,999


Theodore D. Ahlgren ’57, MS ’65, PhD ’67 and Marjorie Bennett Ahlgren

Thomas P. Anderson ’69

Marc Barach and Debra Barach

Keith G. Barrett ’56, MS ’57

Kevin F. Barrett ’81

Peter S. Castro ’51, MS ’56, PhD ’59 and Patricia Ludeman Castro ’59

Huachen Chen, MS ’81 and Felicidad Chen

Greg R. Cizek ’86

Kathleen McGreal Cizek ’86

Lee A. Clair

James Andersen Clark ’77 and Colleen Behan Clark ’77

Bradley P. Cohen and Jacqueline Miller Cohen, JD ’86

Dana M. Comolli ’81, ’81 and Cori S. Staley ’80

Elizabeth K. Dean

Martin M. Eisman, MS ’67 and Carol Baeder Eisman ’67

Robert B. Fairley ’69 and Paula Housh Fairley ’68

Robert C. Feldmann ’76

Michelle M. Gerhard ’82

Michael J. Gordon ’92 and Amy Gatewood Gordon ’91

Harley Gunderson III and Diane Gunderson

Warren R. Haug, MS ’63, PhD ’65 and Karen N. Haug

Doris A. Hightower ’79

James T. Hoeck ’83

Duane D. Hong ’97

Don J. Howard ’63

Adam Inselbuch

Paul D. Janicki ’83

Reginal L. Jones

Dale A. Keister ’62 and Beryl Ann Keister

Mark E. Kelly ’50 and Doris Keane Kelly

Kenneth C. Kirsch ’75, MS ’78, PhD ’80

Jack A. Koefoot ’46

Gary Kremen ’85, ’85

George F. Kroker ’71

P. Noel Kullavanijaya ’82, MS ’85, MMgt ’86 and Wendalyn M. Williams ’84, MD ’86

David B. Larimore ’68

Donald R. Lee ’63, MS ’65 and Charlene M. Lee

Harry Major ’70, MBA ’72 and Lauren Major

Joseph S. Martinich ’72, PhD ’80 and Vicki L. Sauter ’75, MS ’77, PhD ’80

Joel D. Meyer

Bill Millar ’70 and Barbara J. Millar

Linda Palffy Morava, MMgt ’91

Mark J. Morton ’66

Dennis P. Neumann, MBA ’88

Mary Anne T. Powers

Thomas F. Powers ’52

Thomas F. Rosenbaum and Katherine T. Faber

Peter M. Rub ’72, MMgt ’75 and Monique Troglia Rub ’76

Michael J. Rusinko ’84 and Mary L. Rusinko

Leslie Schaffer and Gloria Schaffer

Paul H. Schipper, MS ’75, PhD ’77

Arnold M. Schwartz ’76

Stephen L. Schwartz ’74, MMgt ’76 and Terry Schwartz

Verneta Simon, MS ’93

Mariel Spalter ’89

Chin-Teh Sun, MS ’65, MS ’67

George W. Tall IV and Deborah Tall

Antti P. Talvitie, MS ’68, PhD ’71

Edward F. Voboril ’65 and Melanie Fraccaro Voboril ’64

Ira Wagner and Marcia Wagner

Robert W. Waldele ’72

Alan J. Wasserstrom ’62 and Daina Wasserstrom

Sheldon M. Wecker, MS ’70, PhD ’73 and Gail E. Wecker

Jessica Lutkenhaus Winter ’97 and Adam E. Winter ’97

Ying-Hon Wong ’79, ’79

Teck Soon Yap and Yen Yue Yap



$1,000 to $2,499


John F. Aberson ’52 and Patricia F. Aberson

Todd Abraham and Anne Opila

Elizabeth Toof Anderson, MSEd ’59

Laurie J. Anderson ’80 and Thomas M. Sprague

Thomas E. Anderson, MS ’91 and Lynn T. Anderson

Teruaki Aoki, PhD ’70

Nitu Arora ’88

A. Craig Asher, MMgt ’93, MS ’94

Nicholas N. Bailey ’97 and Miranda Lin Bailey

Michael F. Barnes ’74

Kay Howard Barney ’47, MS ’49

Ralph W. Behrens ’62 and Beverly Herbrandson Behrens

Michael W. Belin

Paul D. Berndt ’84

Margaret M. Bertelsen Hampton ’80, MMgt ’84 and Steven J. Hampton

Bradley Eames Bodell ’88, MMgt ’95

Ricardo Braga and Sonia Braga

Neil L. Bretthauer and Vicki Whamond Bretthauer, MMgt ’82

Karen Dombro Cagle ’79 and Robert C. Cagle

Sally Calvin

Bradley C. Canel ’97

Norman Carlson

Stephen H. Carr and Virginia McMillan Carr, MS ’71, PhD ’76

Liao Shiung Chang ’03

Joelle Chassard

Zhen Chen

Polly G. Cherner

Paulus F. Chew ’84

Tsu-Wei Chou, MS ’66

Kooyoung Peter Chung, PhD ’93

C. Clair Claiborne, PhD ’84 and Patricia A. Claiborne

Scott F. Clugston, MS ’82

Alan S. Cohen, MS ’69, PhD ’71 and Natalie Krewitsky Cohen ’68, MA ’71

Sean Lawrence Corcoran MS ’97

Eugene M. Cummings ’63

Richard G. Cunningham ’43, MS ’47, PhD ’50 and Suzanne Barrett Cunningham ’45

Charles F. Davis Jr. ’48, MS ’49 and Patricia L. Davis

Guy H. Deboo ’76 and Susan Mary Franzetti ’76

Ron Defeo and Andrea Defeo

David A. Dixon ’63, MS ’64, PhD ’66

Donald A. Dobson ’50, PhD ’55

Richard K. Dompke ’55 and Gayle Kenney Dompke ’58

Adam R. Draizin

William R. Drake ’77

Charles B. Dunne III ’69

Allan B. Edwards ’56, MS ’57 and Nancy Huebner Edwards ’54

Lee A. Egherman ’62

Edward A. Euler ’65, PhD ’68 and Amy Drnec Euler

Larry G. Evans, PhD ’71

Christian M. Fernholz ’93

Alan R. Fisher ’55

Michael A. Fitzgibbons ’81

John E. Flinn, MS ’67

Marvin E. Garrett ’63, MBA ’65 and Judith Wasilko Garrett ’64

Stephen D. Garrity, MS ’76, PhD ’81

Leonard L. Garver ’56, MS ’58, PhD ’61

Thomas H. Getz ’62, JD ’65

Steven Gilbert, MS ’86

John Gilmore and Linda Burk

M. Fred V. Glock Jr. ’67 and Holly Kuruce Glock ’70

Marilyn Otto Goll ’46

Stephen T. Gonczy, PhD ’78

Jeffrey T. Gotro, PhD ’83 and Elaine M. Grossman-Gotro ’79

Rahul Goyal ’99 and Jenny Wang Goyal ’99

Philip H. Graham ’60 and Linda Robinson Graham ’60

Mark Greenberg and Carol Greenberg

Donald Greenhalgh and Martha Greenhalgh

James E. Greenlee ’66, MD ’70, GMER ’76 and Raylene Benson Greenlee ’69

Steven Abraham Gross ’76 and Julia L. Winston

Paul R. Gudonis ’76

Donald G. Gwinn, MSED ’65, PhD ’72 and Joanna Hall Gwinn ’66, MSED ’67, MMgt ’83

Edmond Haapaniemi and Maria A. Scouros-Haapaniemi

Ronald H. Haas ’61, MS ’62 and Catherine E. Haas

Elissa Cohen Halpern

John R. Hammer ’81

Edward T. Harley ’49

Carolyn Larson Harman ’48

James Harris and Holly Harris

Bruce S. Harrison ’82 and Sharon Harrison

Walter Hartel and Kathryn Hartel

George T. Hawley ’60 and Charlotte J. Hawley

Kenneth J. Hemmelgarn Jr. and Terri L. Hemmelgarn

Clyde E. Henderson ’73 and Janis Henderson

Mark Hennessy and Tracey Hennessy

Howard N. Henry ’71, MMgt ’78

Richard N. Herman ’55, MS ’59

Nancy J. Hermanson ’83

Walter H. Hickel ’52

David Curtis Hinton ’95

Craig V. Hodson ’69

Carl J. Holdampf ’51 and Margaret Miller Holdampf ’51

Ingeborg Schneider Holliday ’92 and Mark E. Holliday ’90

Jon S. Holmgren ’62, MS ’66

Roy Y. Hori, MS ’73, PhD ’81

Paul A. Humiston Jr. ’60 and Gretchen Bower Humiston

Arthur P. Hurter ’56, MS ’58, PhD ’62 and Florence E. Hurter

Kiyoji Ishida, MS ’68

Tetsuo Iwakuma, PhD ’83

Paul A. James ’70 and Pamela Butler James ’71

Dennis C. Jans ’72, MMgt ’76 and Georgia Yeager Jans ’72

D. Lynn Johnson

Scot Jones and Jacqueline Beshar

Charlene Massey Jundt ’88

Donald Kaplan and Evelyn Karson

Ali Kassamali and Teresa Kassamali

Michael D. Keer ’85, MME ’86

Jenifer Serafin Kennedy, MS ’89, PhD ’91

Robert J. Kiep ’88

Paul Joseph Kilgallon, MMgt ’89 and Patricia Cruz Kilgallon, MMgt ’89

Patrick Kirk

Janet E. Klein ’81

William C. Knodel ’61 and Elizabeth Torrey Knodel ’58

David Paul Koenig, MPD ’10

Aaron D. Krawitz ’66, PhD ’72 and Natalie Krawitz

Tom C. Krejcie ’74 and Valerie Krejcie

Robert J. Kudder, MS ’72, PhD ’78

Sharad Kumar

Ven-Gen Lee, PhD ’93

Jeffrey Richard Lefebvre, MS ’86, PhD ’92 and Julie Kompare Lefebvre ’87

Robert E. Leigh ’54, MS ’59 and Elaine Leigh

Gary Francis Leung ’88, ’88 and Ma. Bethzaida Ladisla

Steve Liao ’92

Marc K. Linhardt ’93 and Maureen Murzyn Linhardt ’93

Richard J. Long ’65

Robert A. Long ’81 and Sheryl Loyd Long ’81

David William Lubeck ’98, ’98, MBA ’05 and Ashley Yirak Lubeck ’00

Frank W. Luerssen and Joan Schlosser Luerssen

Michael S. Lurey ’67

Michael C. Madsen ’68

Michael A. Marasco and Lesli Siegel Marasco ’90, MMgt ’98

Anne M. Mayes, PhD ’91

Myron J. McKee Jr. ’48

Gregory W. McKinney, MS ’83 and Nancy Lubich McKinney

Charles S. McNeer ’50

Gaylord M. Messick ’61

Warren P. Miner ’59 and Sandra Schultz Miner ’58

David Mintzer and Justine Klein Mintzer

Lyle F. Mockros ’56, MS ’57 and Glenda H. Mockros

Robert Bradford Morehead, MBA ’05 and Jennifer Moore Morehead ’00, MBA ’08

James Morreale ’84 and Patricia Anderson Morreale ’83

Clifford A. Moses ’65, PhD ’74

Emil C. Muly Jr., MS ’58, PhD ’62 and Faye Ochsenhirt Muly ’61

Geoffrey C. Murray, PhD ’95 and Lisa S. Murray

Philip David Murray ’78, MS ’78 and Leslie Murray

George L. Nemhauser, MS ’59, PhD ’61 and Ellen Krusaw Nemhauser ’61

Nels Peter Nordquist and D. Berinstein Nordquist, MSJ ’90

Philip E. Novak ’57

William I. Nowicki ’79 and Elizabeth R. Nowicki

Leslie Mongin Olds, MS ’91

William B. Olson ’51 and Jeanne Caldwell Olson ’50

Fred J. Osborne ’83, ’83

J. M. Ottino and Alicia I. Loffler

Barbara Grabowski Ozog, MS ’79, PhD ’85

Fon-Tsao Pai and Hsiao-Shu Hung

Garo A. Partoyan ’59

Robert L. Peskin, MS ’75, PhD ’77

Gerald T. Petersen ’57, CERT ’74 and Carol Krametbauer Petersen ’56

Robert A. Phillips ’63, MS ’65, PhD ’72

Robert J. Plaschke ’85 and Elizabeth Tweedie Plaschke ’85

Robert J. Polito ’70 and Patricia R. Polito

Richard H. Pratt, MS ’65 and Laura C. Pratt

Kimon Proussaloglou, MS ’88, PhD ’92 and Popi Proussaloglou-Siziopikou

Mark S. Pucci, PhD ’82

Robert L. Puette ’64 and Mrs. J. P. Puette

Donald E. Rathbone, MS ’57

John S. Reilly ’95 and Cynthia L. Mount ’95

Anthony J. Risica, MS ’81

Sung Woo Roh

Donald E. Rome ’77

D. Daniel Rotenberg ’86

Melvyn L. Rumerman, MS ’65, PhD ’68 and Millie Rumerman

Kanji Sahara, MS ’59, PhD ’61

Gilbert T. Satterly Jr., MS ’65

William E. Saul, PhD ’64

Timothy J. Scale, MS ’75, PhD ’80 and Laural L. Briggs ’73, PhD ’78

Alan L. Scharff ’46 and Sandra Evelyn Scharff

Sandra Schiller

W. Richard Schmeal, MS ’62 and Jacqueline Andre Schmeal, MSJ ’62

John H. Schmertmann, MS ’54, PhD ’62 and Pauline G. Schmertmann

Walter G. Schmid, MBA ’71 and Leslie Adickes Schmid, MBA ’98

Brian Lloyd Schmidt ’85, MMus ’88 and Emily Muly Schmidt ’91

Joseph L. Schofer, MS ’65, PhD ’68 and Nancy L. Schofer

John K. Scholvin ’89

Aaron M. Schuelke ’97

Deborah Lee Schuh ’82

Ronald G. Schultz, MS ’54

William E. Schultz, MS ’67 and Virginia G. Schultz

James A. Schuyler ’68, MS ’71, PhD ’73

Bruce H. Schwartz ’82 and Sheila Jurzyna Schwartz ’82

Lyle H. Schwartz ’59, MS ’64

Stephen B. Schwartz ’57 and Nancy Astrof Schwartz

Robert W. Semmler ’50

Edward G. Sheppard Jr. ’63

Narinder Singh ’95

James C. Skelton ’64

George R. Smith ’53 and Lois M. Smith

Russell M. Smith Jr. ’76

J. Howard Speer Jr. ’53 and Catherine Kerins Speer ’52, MA/MS ’53

Jeffrey Staab ’83 and Sara Hippe Staab ’84

Gregory M. Stanley, MS ’74, PhD ’77 and Linda Wang Stanley, MMgt ’76

Ronald Star and Faye Star

Mark Stavropoulos ’79 and Laurie R. Hernandez ’79, MMgt ’84

William R. Steffey, MS ’97

Burton L. Streicher ’72

Theodore A. Struve ’57, MS ’64, PhD ’65 and Gail Reinholtzen Struve ’57

Andy Hok-Fan Sze, MS ’74 and Lola Sze

Ronald J. Tabar ’73 and Margaret Tabar

Robert B. Taggart ’67, MS ’68 and Donna F. Taggart

Pak-Chung Tam, MS ’77

Gary F. Teletzke ’78

Audrey Seelig Timkovich ’85

Paul D. Ulland ’66 and Judy Ulland

Jeffrey M. Veis ’84, MMgt ’91 and Anne Pierson Veis ’87

Enrique R. Venta, MS ’77, PhD ’80

Mary Vondrak ’82 and Patrick Kirk ’81

Harvey E. Wahls ’54, MS ’55, PhD ’61

Samuel A. Walker III, MS ’71 and Joanne Walker

Samuel Chih-Hung Wang, MS ’75, PhD ’79 and Sujane Chang Wang, MS ’78, PhD ’81

Nina Joag Waranica ’85 and Gregory P. Waranica

Raymond Noble Wareham ’70

Sharon Sue Warsaski ’84, MS ’90

Paula Chambers Waterman ’97 and Jeffrey S. Waterman ’95, MSEd ’06

Michael Stephen Watson, MS ’93, PhD ’96 and Kristin Paulson Watson, MMgt ’97

Darryl S. Weiman ’74

Howard J. Weiss, MS ’73, PhD ’75 and Lucia Beck Weiss

Janet Gould Wejman ’81

Bruce W. Wessels

James T. West ’48

Richard V. Westerman ’63 and Carla Westerman

Charles S. Williams, MS ’80

Molly Wells Williams ’63 and Roger G. Williams

Donald R. Wilson ’46

William A. Woodburn, MS ’75

Walter Wundrow ’80 and Diane Wundrow

Barry L. Yang, PhD ’84

Thomas J. Zlatoper, MA ’74, PhD ’80

James L. Zydiak, PhD ’89 and Katrina L. Helmkamp ’87, MMgt ’92