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From the Dean


Julio OttinoGreetings from McCormick.

We live in an exciting time. Our world is changing rapidly, and engineering is at the forefront of that change. At the same time, we face global challenges of a scale never before seen. This reality has led us to rethink the positioning of McCormick and the role that we play in addressing global challenges.

I am pleased to share in this issue our new vision for McCormick: The Great Intersection. The intersection of global challenges and the knowledge required to solve them provides a framework for communicating both the progress that our school has made and our path forward.

We have identified five strategic priorities, or areas of emphasis, for the future of McCormick: energy and environment, health and wellness, systems, materials, and creating leaders. The first four represent areas of research emphasis; the fifth, creating leaders, is at the core of our priorities for McCormick.

In addition to a sampling of our efforts within these five strategic areas, this issue also features faculty members whose research is funded by industry—a growing source of revenue in the ever-changing funding landscape. More than 10 percent of research at the school is now funded by corporate sponsors that provide funding in strategic areas while giving graduate students and faculty freedom to conduct basic science research. These agreements also give our students and faculty connections with their peers in industry, which has led to innovations and jobs for graduates. We have helped streamline this process at the University to encourage more of these partnerships.

We are also pleased to feature two exceptional students, Sam Malin and Aaron Stebner, who embody McCormick’s goal of educating whole-brain engineers, and we showcase several outreach projects—including our annual Career Day for Girls, when students and faculty come together with middle and high school girls to demonstrate what it means to be an engineer.

I hope you will take some time to explore this magazine and our website to learn more about how we think and where we are going.

As always, I welcome your feedback.

Julio M. Ottino