McCormick Magazine

Spring 2012
The Great Intersection™

McCormick identifies areas of strength and opportunity in the 21st century: energy and environment; health and wellness; materials; systems; and creating leaders.


The Great Intersection™: Energy and Environment
As traditional energy sources diminish, McCormick researchers seek new sources of energy and work to increase the efficiency of current sources—all while understanding and minimizing effects on our environment. / Zeroing in on Natural Gas Storage / In Pursuit of a Flexible, Affordable Solar Cell / Rethinking Rechargeable Batteries
The Great Intersection™: Health and Wellness
A great challenge of our time is ensuring health and wellness for all people. Teams of McCormick researchers combine specialties to study problems at all levels, from molecular changes to complex systems. / Using Light to Detect the First Shadows of Cancer / Rehabilitation Robotics / Modeling Complex Reactions
The Great Intersection™: Materials
From manipulating materials at the nanoscale to creating new ones using techniques culled from nature, researchers at McCormick work to unlock the power of materials to solve problems across disciplines. / Computational Materials Science Opens Doors to Quicker, Cheaper Discoveries / Researchers Find Promise in “Crumpled” Graphene / Shape Memory Alloys: From Airplanes to Implants
The Great Intersection™: Systems
Our most pressing problems involve vast amounts of information and multiple agents in a dizzying range of domains. Systems research offers a way to understand our world and the interactions that shape it. / Rewiring Nature’s Building Blocks to Solve Global Challenges / Using Analytics to Deploy Car Charging Stations / Teaching Computers to Think like Humans
The Great Intersection™: Creating Leaders
At McCormick, we educate whole-brain™ leaders who thrive at the intersection of global challenges and the knowledge required to solve them. / Preparing for the Future / Innovation by Design / Creating Leaders
Engineering Biology
A new arrival at McCormick from the University of Chicago, Milan Mrksich is transforming the processes by which we understand -- and build on -- chemical reactions.
Outreach 101
Through study sessions, science fairs, and Silly Putty, McCormick students are passing on their love for science to a new generation of students.
All in a day's work
Undergraduate Sam Malin, copresident of the student group Engineers for a Sustainable World, knows that to make a difference, you need to get your hands dirty.
Partnering  with Industry
While most University research funding comes from the government, an increasing amount is now funded by corporations, opening new avenues for professors and students to reach their goals.
Changing Shapes
At McCormick, graduate student Aaron Stebner has found a way to combine his two passions: shape memory alloy research and teaching.
Career Day for Girls
Girls from across the Chicago area gathered at Northwestern for the 41st annual Career Day for Girls, “Engineering: The Sky’s the Limit.”
Alumni Profile: Peter Barris
A venture capitalist behind some of today’s hottest Internet companies, Peter Barris still uses the lessons he learned back in Tech.
Tracking Human Movement
McCormick researchers trace the travels of a single mobile phone user in Western Europe over nine months.
The Art of Engineering: Manganese Oxide Nanowires
This image shows a hollow, bird’s-nest-shaped three-dimensional structure composed of asymmetrically self-assembled manganese oxide nanowires from the lab of Professor Harold Kung.