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Greetings from McCormick


Julio OttinoWelcome to the newly redesigned McCormick magazine. We received such positive feedback regarding our Centennial issue last fall that we decided to give the magazine a new look that better showcases the exciting research and educational initiatives at McCormick.

One research area that I’m particularly pleased to share with you is complex systems and networks. Six years ago I cofounded the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems, and today more than three dozen faculty members across several schools are involved in complex systems research that ranges from networks of neurons to social networks.

Network analysis is also an effective way of measuring our collaboration with other schools and departments at Northwestern and is something that has been part of our DNA for the last five years. On the cover and on page 10 you’ll find graphics that show quantitatively the increased level of collaboration at Northwestern, which is a priority for our school and for the University. We are small, but a place of highly concentrated quality. Continued success will require leveraging resources throughout campus.

In this issue we also highlight a student group, Design for America, which has worked to find new solutions to an old problem: hand hygiene in hospitals. Design for America is a new organization, born in McCormick, but open to all of Northwestern. Within its first year participants have won a national design prize, completed several local projects, and launched chapters on other campuses. Design for America continues to address new projects that strive for social impact, which is an invaluable lesson for the students as well as an important contribution to the community.

Throughout this academic year we have been celebrating McCormick’s Centennial. We’ve held several successful events around the country that brought together McCormick alumni with alumni from other schools at Northwestern; you’ll find several pages of photos in this magazine that highlight these events. We look forward to our final two events, in Washington, D.C. on April 28 and in
New York City on May 13. I hope that you will join us.

As always, I welcome your feedback.


Julio M. Ottino, Dean | April 2010