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Spring 2008
Finding innovative solutions to fishy problems

In the world of aquatic medicine, those who care for marine life — from small colorful fish to large marine mammals — often face unique challenges. That's why one of the world's leading aquariums, the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, has teamed up with the McCormick School of Engineering to further the science of aquatic medicine and enhance animal care while providing unique opportunities for students to learn engineering design.


McCormick Achievements: A Three Year Summary
Additional information about achievements at McCormick over the past three years.
Collaboration generates illumination
The best design combines the science and rigor of engineering with the flair and creativity of art. The McCormick School has paired up with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to create functional art that could represent the future of both architecture and fashion.
Professor helps discover immigrant networks
Noshir Contractor collaborated with anthropologists to investigate how Mexican immigrants in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs use social networks to find services.
Wildcat computer programming team heads to world finals - again
McCormick computer science majors Nikolay Valtchanov ('09), Anda Bereczky ('10), and Nikola Borisov ('10) are headed back to the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals after their second consecutive win at the North American mid-central regional championships.
Building a new tradition
The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at McCormick will offer a new concentration in architectural engineering and design beginning in fall 2008. The program will help prepare engineering students for building industry careers as architects, structural designers, builders, project managers, and developers.
From Students to Innovators
NUvention:Medical Innovation, a course conceived by students and brought to life by motivated faculty, brings together four Northwestern University schools — McCormick, the Feinberg School of Medicine, the Kellogg School of Management, and the School of Law — to teach students how innovation goes from the lab to the patient.
New faculty bring decades of experience, cross-disciplinary efforts
To remain at the top of its game, the McCormick School continues to pour resources into seeking out and recruiting top faculty from all areas of engineering. Over the past two years, 24 new faculty members have joined McCormick.
Metallic Foam Shifts Shape
David Dunand and his research team have turned a stubborn alloy into a shape-shifting foam by just giving it a little breathing room.
Tackling the complex system of animal life
Malcolm MacIver and Neelesh Patankar are working to create a neuromechanical model of the knifefish that could provide insight into how our brains take in information and use that information to move.
Fostering leadership development at McCormick
Kellogg classes prepare professors for management roles
From smart machines to "artscience"
Recent books by and about McCormick faculty cover the breadth of engineering and design
Success by the numbers
Banking on the versatility of their McCormick education, these alumni are thriving in their careers

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