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Greetings from McCormick


Dean OttinoWe are happy to report that the McCormick School has received a significant donation from alumnus James Farley and his wife, Nancy, that endows the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship. This donation will help us become the epicenter of entrepreneurship for Northwestern. The center will offer more classes for undergraduate and graduate students and will provide the tools faculty and alumni need to become successful entrepreneurs.

The cover of this magazine features students from the center's inaugural NUvention: Medical Innovation course who are on their way to making their surgical tools into a viable business. Read about them and other successful faculty and alumni entrepreneurs inside.

We continue to be successful in faculty hiring, and I'm pleased to announce the recent addition of three computer theory professors: Jason Hartline, Nicole Immorlica, and Lance Fortnow. These additions have made the intersection between game theory and computer science a considerable strength at Northwestern. Leveraging the historic prominence of the J. L. Kellogg School of Management's work in game theory, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science looks to assume leadership in this quickly developing field.

We continue to build partnerships with key industries. We now have agreements with Honeywell, Ford, and Boeing. These partnerships give professors funding for research in their areas of expertise and allow companies to reap the benefits of that research.

Our professors are also doing important work on issues that have made the headlines recently: financial engineering. Vadim Linetsky and Jeremy Staum both research and create models that involve risk management, and in light of the recent financial crisis, their work is more important than ever.

In other exciting research news, Yonggang Huang and his colleagues at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign created a camera based on the human eye. This is the first time that curved electronics have been used in such a device, and Huang's technique for creating the curved sensors will surely lead to many new innovations in electronics.

Of course, this progress would not be possible without the critical support of McCormick alumni and friends. I'm pleased to be able to take this opportunity to thank the many donors to the McCormick School in this issue.

I hope you enjoy this issue of McCormick magazine. I'm pleased to share our news with you.

Julio Ottino
Julio M. Ottino, Dean