The McCormick School honored current and emeritus faculty members who are members of the National Academy of Engineering

Walter P. Murphy Society

Giving Report

The Murphy Society comprises dedicated alumni and other friends who make contributions of $1,000 or more during the fiscal year (September 1, 2004, to August 31, 2005) for unrestricted use by the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science.

These funds support innovative faculty-initiated projects to improve the undergraduate experience. In the past, funds have supported curriculum innovations such as Engineering First© and the Institute for Design Education and Applications and hands-on design projects such as the solar car competition. Murphy Society members are invited to attend one of the selection committee meetings held each fall in Evanston and the San Francisco Bay Area, or they can vote on proposal recommendations via the Murphy Society web site. This unique opportunity assists the dean in making decisions on worthy projects to fund for the year.

An asterisk (*) indicates members who have died.

Life Fellows

Life Fellows are recognized for their extaordinary support of the mission and goals of the school through their gifts of $500,000 or more.

William R. Blackham 52

Johnnie Cordell Breed, H 97

Stanton R. Cook 49, H 85

Lester Crown 46

John A. Dever 51

James N. Farley 50 and

Nancy J. Farley

Robert J. Fierle 45

Lavern Norris Gaynor 45

Leonard G. Ginger 39

Melville H. Hodge 52 and Jane K. Hodge 52

James N. Krebs 45

Estate of Margie Mitcheson Krebs 52*

Estate of Nye F. Morehouse Jr. 50*

Richard S. Pepper 53 and

Roxelyn Miller Pepper 53

Patrick G. Ryan 59 and Shirley Welsh Ryan 61

Benjamin W. Slivka, BSAM 82, BSCS 82, MS 85 and Lisa Wissner-Slivka 85

Harold B. Smith, MBA 57 and Denise Smith

Chu Tull

William J. White 61 and Jane Schulte White

Dean's Circle

$10,000 or more

A. Craig Asher, MMgt 93, MS 94

Peter J. Barris 74 and Adrienne Barris

William J. Bliss 87

Harold E. Bond 46, MBA 64 and Pauline June Bond

Estate of A. Ballard Bradley 36*

June E. Brewer 34

Felix Y. Chen

Alfred C. Eckert III 71

David Alan Eckert 77

Donald N. Frey

Wilbur H. Gantz and Linda Theis Gantz

Al Innis

James R. Lancaster 55 and Patricia Lancaster

Erick A. Reickert 58

Estate of Heather Ross Reickert*

David A. Sachs 81 and Karen R. Sachs

Samuel A. Sperry 65 and Susan J. Sperry

Edward R. Vrablik 56 and Mrs. Edward R. Vrablik

Robert P. Wayman 67, MBA 69 and Susan H. Wayman


$5,000 to $9,999

James S. Aagaard 53, MS 55,

PhD 57 and Mary-Louise Aagaard

Elizabeth Toof Anderson 59

Robert E. Basta 53 and Mary Keller Basta

John W. Blieszner 74 and Constance Knope Blieszner 74

Adrian P. Brody, PhD 69 and Pauline N. Brody

Lee A. Dayton Sr. 65 and Mrs. Lee A. Dayton

Don J. Howard 63

Vaughn A. Koshkarian 67, MBA 68 and Stella M. Koshkarian

J. D. Marvil 57 and Bonnie Ellis Marvil 58

Estate of Wallace W. Mojden 45*

Warren W. Rasmussen 53, MBA 56 and Nancy Rasmussen 53

George L. Schneider 60 and F. Monier Schneider 61

David N. Seidman

Robert E. Shaw 70, MMgt 81 and Charlene Heuboski Shaw 70

William A. Streff Jr. 71, JD 74 and Kathleen Streff

Alan R. Swanson 71 and Janet E. Rassenfoss

Alan Wolfson 80


$2,500 to $4,999

Irene H. De Sanctis

Elizabeth K. Dean

Robert E. Leigh 54, MS 59 and Elaine Leigh

Estate of Joyce R. Lietz*

Michael S. Lurey 67

Ann Marie Mayes, PhD 91

Ethan Meister and Mary Cheang Meister 98

Daniel D. Mickelson 63 and Sandra P. Mickelson

D. Eugene Nugent 51 and Bonnie L. Nugent 49

William B. Olson 51 and Jeanne Olson 50

E. Terry Papoutsakis

Kenneth J. Porrello 78, MMgt 82 and Sherry L. McFall 78

Philip D. Robers, PhD 68 and Sandra Robers

Thomas F. Rosenbaum and Katherine T. Faber

Edward G. Sheppard Jr. 63

Patricia Timpano Sparrell, MS 82

Robert B. Taggart 67, MS 68 and Donna Bledsoe Taggart

Thomas C. Tyrrell 67 and Melanie Tyrrell

James E. Van Ness, MS 51, PhD 54 and Mary Ellen Van Ness

Alan J. Wasserstrom 62

Roger G. Williams and Molly Wells Williams 63


$1,000 to $2,499

Theodore D. Ahlgren 57, MS 65, PhD 67 and Marjorie R. Ahlgren

Thomas P. Anderson 69

George E. Bailie 48 and Virginia Louise Bailie

Debasis Baral, PhD 83

Eric R. Barnett 94

Robert L. Barnett

Ted Barnett and Amy Lindburg Barnett 84

Ralph W. Behrens 62

Michael W. Belin

Louis M. Brock Jr. 66, MS 67,

PhD 72 and Carolyn Pratt Brock, PhD 72

Wesley Burghardt

John A. Campbell, GMEF 79 and Katherine Foss Campbell 62, MA/MS 68

David L. Carney, MS 68, PhD 72 and Carol R. Carney

Stephen H. Carr and Virginia McMillan Carr, MS 71, PhD 76

Peter S. Castro 51, MS 56, PhD 59 and Patricia Ludeman Castro 59

Kin-Sheng J. Chang, MS 76, PhD 77

Yip-Wah Chung

Norman J. Clemetsen 62

Edmund U. Cohler 49, MS 51, PhD 53 and Marilyn Dixler Cohler 51

James A. Cunningham 61, MS 63 and Beverly Cunningham

Robert K. Dean 77 and Susan L. Dean

Peter F. Decker Sr. 59

Donald A. Dobson 50, PhD 55

Richard K. Dompke 55 and Gayle Kenney Dompke 58

William R. Drake 77

Jeffrey L. DuRocher 67 and Marie DuRocher 67

William L. Firestone, PhD 52

Kathleen R. Flaherty 73, MS 75, PhD 79

Gary L. Frederick 68 and Mary A. Frederick 66, MMUS 67

Marvin E. Garrett 63, MBA 65 and Judith Wasilko Garrett 64

Stephen D. Garrity, MS 76, PhD 81

Edwin P. Garst 70 and Karen Patton Garst 72, MS 74

Leonard L. Garver 56, MS 58, PhD 61

J. Jeffrey Geldermann, 72

M. Frederick V. Glock Jr. 67 and Holly Kuruce Glock 70

Marilyn O. Goll 46

Michael N. Goodkind, PhD 73 and Mary E. Goodkind, MS 70, MMgt 81

Alvin L. Gorman

Philip H. Graham 60 and Linda R. Graham 60

Daniel G. Green, MS 61, PhD 64 and Norma A. Green

Alan K. Greene 58

James E. Greenlee 66, MD 70, GMER 76 and Raylene Benson Greenlee 69

Kevin John Gross 77 and Susan Luerssen Gross 79

Donald G. Gwinn 65, PhD 72 and Joanna H. Gwinn 66, MSED 67, MMgt 83

Ronald H. Haas 61, MS 62 and Catherine E. Haas

Steven J. Hampton and Margaret M. Bertelsen Hampton 80, MMgt 84

Gene M. Handel 68

Ruth Mullen Harenchar, MPH 76

Edward T. Harley 49

Gilbert A. Harter 52, MS 54 and Miriam Knox Harter

Warren R. Haug, MS 63, PhD 65

John H. Heckmueller 70 and Virginia Hemelt

Clyde E. Henderson 73

Howard N. Henry 71, MMgt 78

Henry G. Herzing 59

David C. Hilliard and Celia V. Hilliard 64

Cynthia S. Hirtzel, MS 77, PhD 80

Roy Y. Hori, MS 73, PhD 81

James E. Hovis 67, MS 69 and Catherine Hovis

Kiyoji Ishida, MS 68

Troy R. Karlsson 84

Dale A. Keister 62

Mark E. Kelly 50 and Doris K. Kelly

Robert J. Kiep 88

Kenneth C. Kirsch 75, MS 78, PhD 80

Kimball Kniskern, MS 04

Tom C. Krejcie 74

Gary Kremen 85'85

P. Noel Kullavanijaya 82, MS 85, MMgt 86 and Wendalyn M. Williams 84, MD 86

Harold H. Kung, MS 72, PhD 74 and Mayfair C. Kung, MS 71, PhD 75

Edward A. Labahn 51

John Lazar 48

Donald R. Lee 63, MS 65

Shiu-Mei Lee

Jeffrey Richard Lefebvre, MS 86, PhD 92 and Julie A. Lefebvre 87

Jenny Leung

Sek Hon A. Leung 80 and Jenny Leung

John T. Leyland, GMER 76 and Marilyn Voss Leyland, MSJ 68

Robert A. Long 81 and Sheryl Loyd Long 81

Steven D. Look 73

Herbert Malin, MS 51

Kent A. Mallquist 60 and Marti Mallquist

Grayson W. Marshall Jr., PhD 72, DDS 86 and Sally Rimkus Marshall 70, PhD 75

Joseph S. Martinich 72, PhD 80 and Vicki Lynn Sauter 75,

MS 77, PhD 80

Jeffrey D. McClelland 80 and Lori Jacobucci McClelland 83

Capers McDonald and Marion McDonald

Mark W. McGlothlin 77, MEM 81

Myron J. McKee Jr. 48

Gregory W. McKinney, MS 83 and Nancy Lubich McKinney

Joel D. Meyer and Enid Meyer

William M. Miller

David Mintzer and Justine Mintzer

Lyle F. Mockros 56, MS 57 and Glenda H. Mockros

Mark J. Morton 66

Charles G. Nevaril 63, MBA 71

Robert E. Noyes 45

E. Terry Papoutsakis

Robert L. Peskin

Gerald T. Petersen 57, CERT 74 and Carol Krametbauer Petersen 56

Robert A. Phillips 63, MS 65, PhD 72

Robert J. Piros 49, MS 79

Nicholas G. Polydoris 54

David M. Poydock 71

Robert L. Puette 64 and Mrs. J. P. Puette

Vivek Ragavan

Donald E. Rathbone, MS 57

W. Carlton Reckling 84

Linda B. Rekoske

Donald J. Rippert and Annette Nicosia Peterson 86, MMgt 94

John David Rittner, PhD 96 and Mindy N. Rittner, PhD 96

Scott David Roberts 01

Donald E. Rome 77

Peter M. Rub 72, MMgt 75 and Monique T. Rub 76

Ronald M. Saidikowski 70 and Ann Melanie Huff 72

Alan L. Scharff 46 and Sandra Evelyn Scharff

Logan H. Schlipf 51

Arnold L. Schmidt 54 and Ann Schmidt

Joseph L. Schofer, MS 65, PhD 68 and Nancy L. Schofer

Arnold M. Schwartz 76

Lyle H. Schwartz 59, MS 64

Stephen B. Schwartz 57 and Nancy Astrof Schwartz

Stephen L. Schwartz 74, MMgt 76

Brendan A. Scruggs 97

Alice D. Sloma

William M. Smedley 38, MS 40

David J. Spreutels 71 and Judith A. Spreutels 72

Jeffrey P. Staab 83 and Sara Hippe Staab 84

Michael J. Stark 78

Estate of Capt. Edward T. Steigelman 38*

Thomas A. Stock 83

Capt. Burton L. Streicher 72

Mary Louise Szymkowski 85

Ronald J. Tabar 73 and Margaret Tabar

Edward R. Teske 45, MS 48 and Honoria E. Teske

John M. Torkelson

Hugo L. Vandersypen, MS 69, PhD 73

Edward F. Voboril 65 and Melanie F. Voboril 64

Harvey E. Wahls 54, MS 55, PhD 61

Ronald E. Wajer 66

Robert W. Waldele 72

Stephen Ward and Lori Ward

Howard J. Weiss, MS 73, PhD 75 and Lucia Beck Weiss

James T. West 48

Arthur R. Whale 45 and Roberta D. Whale

Kirk Richard Wheeler 75

Donald R. Wilson 46

Howard B. Witt 63 and Marilyn A. Witt

Ying-Hon Wong 79

Ava Harth Youngblood 79

Pamela Yurek

Jonathan F. Zeschin, MMgt 90 and Kathryn Anne Zeschin, MMgt 80



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