Ford Motor Company and Northwestern dignitaries celebrate the FMCEDC opening

The atrium in the new Ford Motor Company Endineering Design Center

Class Notes


Lester Crown (‘46) was named cochair of Children's Memorial Hospital's $400 million campaign.


James F. Gibbons (‘53) will step down from the board of Cisco Systems Inc. after the company's annual meeting in November.

Brian Baldwin (‘54, MS ‘55), founder of medical device company Baxa Corp., was profiled by the Denver Business Journal when he received its Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Tony M. Ridley (MS ‘56), a transportation engineering professor in Britain, was profiled in Debrett's People of Today.


John F. Carney III (MS ‘64, PhD ‘66) became chancellor of the University of Missouri at Rolla in September.

Oded Ben-Dov (MS ‘65, PhD ‘68) received the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2005 Television Engineering Achievement Award, presented at the NAB 2005 Technology Luncheon last April in Las Vegas. He is president of the TV Transmission Antenna Group, which develops broadcast technology and design and provides consulting services to broadcasters and television manufacturers.

Scott Filstrup (‘65, Kellogg ‘67) was appointed a director of National Coal Corporation, a coal producer operating in Appalachia. He was one of 15 people in the world to win the 2005 Junior Achievement Gold Leadership Award.

David J. Werner (MS ‘66, PhD ‘69), chancellor emeritus of Southern Illinois University, was named interim president of Mansfield University in Pennsylvania.

Robert Wayman (‘67, Kellogg ‘69) was named interim CEO and director of Hewlett-Packard Company after Carly Fiorina stepped down as the company's chairman and CEO.

Abhijit Acharya (MS ‘68, PhD ‘75) was appointed to the board of directors of Stereotaxis Inc., a producer of cardiology instrument systems.

Richard I. Brown (MS ‘69) received the Inventor of the Year Award from the Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago last May in recognition of his work in the field of automated blood collection and the separation of blood components.

Joel P. Ettinger (MS ‘69) was appointed executive director of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council.


Michael T. Abbene (‘70) was elected vice president and chief information officer of Arch Coal Inc. by its board of directors, effective July 1. He is responsible for information systems operations, applications, and infrastructure for the entire corporation, including subsidiaries. He has worked as director of application services at Arch for five years. He will continue to live in the St. Louis area with his wife, Patricia (Trish) Maloney Abbene (Weinberg ‘71).

Kenneth Dulaney (‘72) and his wife, Linda, celebrated their 19th year of marriage in August. For the past 12 years Dulaney has worked for Gartner Inc. as a vice president covering the field of mobile technology. He provides strategic advice on mobile computing issues and has participated in several patents.

Sidney A. Simon (PhD ‘73) of Durham, North Carolina, is a professor of neurobiology at Duke University.

Edmund Cheng (‘74) is deputy chairman of the real estate development company Wing Tai Holdings in Singapore and has a strong interest in architecture and the arts. He is chairman of the Design Singapore Council, the Esplanade Company, and the Arts House at the Old Parliament. He was profiled extensively as the new chairman of Singapore's National Arts Council.

Maureen “Moe” Grzelakowski (‘76, MS ‘79, Kellogg ‘88) recently wrote Mother Leads Best: 50 Women Who Are Changing the Way Organizations Define Leadership (Dearborn Trade). She is a senior adviser to Investor Growth Capital of New York and owns the nine-hole Oak Hills Country Club in Palos Heights, Illinois.

Michael D. Meyer (MS ‘76), a professor of civil and environmental engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, wrote an article about safety-conscious transportation planning and development.

Maximillian Fiore (‘77, ‘77) was named senior vice president of research and development and operations at OmniSonics Medical Technologies Inc.

Gabriel Raviv (MS ‘77, PhD ‘79) is chairman and CEO of Bio-logic Systems Corp., which has signed a three-year deal with Novation to serve as the sole supplier of infant heart diagnostic equipment supplies to VHA Inc. and the University Health System Consortium.

Mary Ann Fialkowski (‘78, Kellogg ‘80) was promoted from chief financial officer to president of Technicolor Entertainment Services, which is responsible for Technicolor's worldwide film, postproduction, and theatrical logistics operations.

Gregory Shipp (‘79, MA/MS ‘82) has joined Nanosphere Inc., a nanotechnology life sciences company, as its first vice president of medical affairs.


Frederick R. Ferrin (MS ‘80), executive director of the Jacksonville Port Authority, was one of six people honored by the Florida Shipper for excellence in leadership in their respective industries.

Jeff McClelland (‘80), chief operating officer of America West Airlines, was the subject of an extensive article about how he continued working through treatment for colon cancer.

Catherine Aimone-Martin (PhD ‘82), an engineering consultant, recently wrote a study for the city of Henderson, Nevada, regarding housing in the area. She is a professor at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro.

Robert Kunimura (‘82) is the senior vice president and chief technology officer at Calamos Asset Management in Naperville, Illinois.

Jeanne Beacham (‘83) was profiled as CEO of Delphon Industries, a provider of materials and services for shipping, processing, and packaging high-value technology components. She is a member of the McCormick Advisory Board and the MMM Advisory Board.

Neil Wyant (‘83), head of O'lala Foods, has developed a chocolate-flavored gum.

Richard Faris (‘84) was appointed director of marketing at Real Intent Inc., a supplier of verification software.

Gauthier “Walter” Belhomme (MS ‘85, PhD ‘89) joined the international environmental firm ENSR as a general manager of its Paris operations.

Anju Holay (‘85), founder of Next Step Marketing Research in Barrington, Illinois, authored an article in Prepared Foods about children's snacks.

Terry Nicola (‘78, Feinberg ‘82, MS ‘85, GME ‘87) served as a medical director of the 2005 Hustle Up the Hancock race for charity, held in February.

Ken Glickstein (‘86, MEM, Kellogg ‘92) was named vice president of planning and analysis at Corporate Express Inc.

Katrina Helmkamp (‘87, Kellogg ‘92) was profiled as the new president of pest control at Terminix.

Bob Kiep (‘88) and his wife, Maggie, had their first child, Jack, on October 14, 2004.

Daniel Lipinski (‘88), a Democratic representative from Illinois's Third District, was profiled as a member of the House freshman class of 2004 in the National Journal in August.

P. M. Ajayan (PhD ‘89) has been named to the scientific advisory board of the Nanotech Company.

Norman Bridge (MEM, Kellogg ‘89) is director of control and electrical systems design at GM's Electro-Motive Division. He was interviewed regarding what electrical engineers need to know about locomotive electronics.

Cheuk Chan (MS ‘89, PhD ‘93) is PacketVideo's vice president of multimedia applications.

Todd Kuiken (PhD ‘89, Feinberg ‘91, Feinberg ‘95), director of amputee programs at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, has a patient who lost both arms but recently received a prosthetic hand and arm that allows him to sense touch and hold items.

Kathryn Ruffalo-Farnsworth (‘89) has joined the team of Montana Senator Max Baucus as senior policy adviser on the Environment and Public Works Subcommittee.


Mark Banham (MS ‘90, PhD ‘94) moved to San Diego to help start PacketVideo.

Sizwe Mncwango (‘90, MS ‘90) was appointed director of South African packaging company Consol.

Kam Tim Chau (PhD ‘91) was promoted to chair and professor of the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in January 2005. In addition, he became president of the Hong Kong Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in March 2004.

Vinod K. Dasari (MEM, Kellogg ‘92) joined the Indian company Ashok Leyland as chief operating officer. He will head manufacturing, strategic sourcing, and corporate quality engineering.

Matt McCall (Kellogg ‘91, MEM, Kellogg ‘92) is a partner at Portage Venture Partners Inc., a private equity firm based in Northfield, Illinois.

Nicole Morris (‘92) joined the Minnesota law firm Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi as an associate in intellectual property litigation.

James Brailean (PhD ‘93), president and CEO of PacketVideo, was profiled in connection with the company's success and his early vision to transmit video over wireless networks. He is a member of the McCormick Advisory Council and the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Advisory Board.

Helen Leljeda Dotson (‘93) was promoted to global process control technology leader of the Specialties and Ventures Technology Center of the Dow Chemical Company in May 2004. She also serves as the Northern Division governor for District 62 of Toastmasters International.

Jung Kim (‘93) was featured in an article about practitioners of integrative medicine.

Ernest R. Roberts III (‘93) recently married Tanya S. Danner. The couple lives in Matteson, Illinois.

Raj Shah (‘93) was featured in an article about practitioners of integrative medicine.

Rita D. Beckford (‘94), an Ohio physician, leads motivational programs to help people improve their physical fitness.

Patrick S. Jensen (MS ‘95, PhD ‘97) was named vice president of engineering for Stinger Medical in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Brian (Peck-Sheng) Wee (MS ‘95) joined the NEON Project Office as an associate.

He is involved with designing a continental-scale ecological observatory network.

Andrew E. Fano (PhD ‘96), a partner and senior researcher at Accenture Technology Laboratories, is helping to develop the Intelligent Shopping Assistant, a computerized technology for grocery stores that provides each shopper with a shopping list based on previous purchases and offers related promotional discounts.

Mindy Rittner (PhD ‘96) has joined Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione as a scientific adviser in the Nanotechnology Practice Group of the firm's Chicago office.

Michael P. Johnson (PhD ‘97) is an associate professor of management science and urban affairs at Carnegie Mellon University's H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management. He was profiled in Black Issues in Higher Education in January 2005.

Robert Taylor (MEM, Kellogg ‘97), an Arizona triathlete and founder of venture capital consultancy the Laurus Consulting Group, is competing in the Ironman Florida competition in honor of his late uncle who had prostate cancer. He has raised more than $7,750 towards his goal of $25,000 for prostate cancer research.

Julie Hasenwinkel (PhD ‘99) of Syracuse, New York, is an assistant professor of bioengineering and neuroscience at Syracuse University's L. C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science. She received a Watson Grant from the New York State Office of Science, Technology, and Academic Research in June 2004 that supports her research in neural tissue engineering.


Scott B. Koester (‘00) married Jolsen T. Wigert in May 2005.

Melissa Zubris (‘00) married Paul J. Williams on April 9 in Helen, Georgia. They live in Atlanta.

John C. Peterson (MITP ‘01) was named president of the EPSIIA unit of Fiserv Inc.

Andrew J. Kim (‘02) and Judy Kang (‘03) were married at Northwestern's Alice Millar Chapel in July. They are living in the San Francisco Bay Area, where Kim recently joined biotech start-up Evalve Inc., and Kang is pursuing PhD research at the Lawrence Berkeley and Livermore National Labs.

Jerome Budzik (PhD ‘03) is cofounder and chief technology officer at Intellext, a start-up company whose software helps people write reports by looking at what they are entering on their computers and searching online for more information that may be relevant to the project. The software was originally developed in Northwestern's Devlab incubator program.

Michael Blake (MITP ‘03) chief financial officer of IT at Kaiser Permanente, was the subject of an article about the increasing demand for executives with both business and technical skills.

In Memoriam

Ralph W. Janetz, ‘28

William A. Johnson Jr., ‘33

Alexander R. Railis, ‘34

Bruce Warren, ‘34

Edward C. Blomeyer Jr., ‘36

Sam Papich, ‘36

Edward T. Steigelman, ‘38,

NavSci ‘38

Martell F. Tuntland, ‘42

Oliver J. Kendall, ‘43

Alfred Bambula, ‘44

Robert Diekman, ‘44, MS ‘48

Walter W. Johnson, ‘45

Donald G. Wells, ‘45

Richard C. Herchenrider, ‘46

C. Bruce Sharpe, ‘46

Richard A. Stewart, ‘46

John W. Loeding, ‘48

Jack A. Selesemeyer, ‘48

Lee F. Shrader Jr., ‘48

David E. Starrett, ‘48

Robert W. Zimmerman, ‘48

Earl R. Allen, ‘49

Harry N. Cantrell, ‘49

Donald A. Dahlstrom, ‘49

William M. Harman, ‘49

Harold D. Ross Jr., ‘49

James F. Wagner, ‘49

Jay H. Ashley, MS ‘50, PhD ‘52

Lyford L. Lorch, ‘51

William C. Pike, ‘51

Donald P. Kurtz, ‘52, MS ‘55

Alan P. Volkmar, ‘52

Robert D. Dikkers, ‘53

James F. Culverwell, ‘55

James D. Jenson, ‘55

George H. Martin, PhD ‘55

Guy Porter Smith, ‘55, Law ‘59

James H. Kogen, ‘56

Wilbur C. Peterson, PhD ‘57

Jerry L. Herzog, ‘58

Stewart M. Harris, ‘60, ‘65

Thomas T. Shen, MS ‘60

Donald W. Woehrle, ‘60

Robert T. Malmgren, ‘61, Law ‘64

Robert E. Akins, ‘69, ‘70

Richard J. Welsch, MS ‘71, PhD ‘73

James M. Zima, ‘72

Cynthia J. Panos, ‘83

Jose C. Araneta, PhD ‘84

Alisha N. Campbell, ‘01

Frederick Lieb, ‘06

Yehuda N. Yudkowsky, ‘07



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