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Building a Global Crossroads for Research


Over the past five years McCormick’s research enterprise has grown at an astonishing rate. Since 2005, expenditures have more than doubled, and the amount of research awards has increased 59 percent. This growth has fueled an increase in the number of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and research staff at the school.

In order to assemble teams made up of the very best individuals, McCormick recruits research talent from around the world. Over the past four years the number of visiting research appointments at McCormick has increased 83 percent. Researchers now come to McCormick from nearly 70 countries around the world.

The map at right visualizes the percentage of McCormick visiting researchers by nationality. It was created by Daniel Grady, a PhD student in engineering science and applied mathematics in the lab of associate professor Dirk Brockmann, using data provided by the McCormick Customer Service Center, which coordinates visa processing for researchers.

The word cloud below represents the breadth of research areas for these domestic and international scholars; the size of the word is proportional to the number of researchers in that field.

Percentage of visiting researchers by nationality