McCormick Magazine

Fall 2011
Global Health

Each year more than a dozen McCormick undergraduate and graduate students spend a quarter in Cape Town as part of the Global Healthcare Technologies study abroad program. Students also work on campus to address health care challenges in the developing world.


Building a Global Crossroads for Research
Over the past four years the number of visiting research appointments at McCormick has increased 83 percent. Researchers now come to McCormick from nearly 70 countries around the world. This map visualizes the percentage of McCormick visiting researchers by nationality.
Engineering Medicine
Feinberg and McCormick professors collaborate to find solutions for organ allocation, hospital processes, cancer treatments, and much more.
In Search of Sustainability
Ben Shorofsky received a grant from the Circumnavigators Club of Chicago to spend his summer studying sustainability in countries around the world.
The Intersection of Technology and Journalism
Engineering and Journalism faculty and students have joined together to create state-of-the-art technologies for today’s news.
New Look for Science and Engineering Library
The Seeley G. Mudd Library underwent a major renovation this summer.
Northwestern and Argonne
Northwestern University and Argonne National Laboratory received created the Northwestern-Argonne Institute for Science and Engineering, which will expand opportunities for Northwestern students and faculty to perform research at Argonne.
A Winning Formula
Between fall 2009 and spring 2011 graduate student Chris Wilmer and his teammates collected more than $60,000 in prize money from science and engineering innovation competitions.
Superfast Startups
Students are starting web-based businesses in record time through NUvention: Web, an experiential entrepreneurship course that puts students together in interdisciplinary teams.
Q & A
Todd Warren, cocreator of the NUvention: Web, and Bob Plaschke, a course adviser, on their experiences with NUvention, the students, and the resulting companies.
Taking Design to the Nation
Design for America, a student initiative founded at Northwestern, has spread across the country to seven other universities.
Alumni Profile: Deepak Ahuja
Deepak Ahuja, chief financial officer for electric car company Tesla, says he leveraged his engineering background into business success.
Modern Observation
Students in the first-year Engineering Design and Communication course sequence use cell phones and cameras to observe a woman using a can opener.
The Art of Engineering
Professor Jiaxing Huang's nanowires.