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Spring 2009
McCormick pioneers low-cost HIV test

David Kelso, professor of biomedical engineering and director of the Center for Innovation in Global Health Technologies, and his research group have developed new low-cost, portable HIV tests that use DNA or proteins to test for HIV. Though the tests still need to go through clinical trials, researchers are optimistic that they hold the solution to the problem of testing for HIV in infants in developing countries.


From the Dean
Greetings from McCormick
Expanding our reach
McCormick has launched a new initiative called Global McCormick that will help identify McCormick's international strengths, regions where it has a strong presence, and areas of opportunity.
From vision to reality: Alliance brings digital X-rays to developing world
Northwestern, the University of Cape Town, Rotary International, and other organizations created the World Health Imaging Alliance (WHIA) in 2007. WHIA has now partnered with several companies to continue striving to provide low-cost digital X-ray imaging to developing countries.
To Chile's deserts, mountains, and snow to see how arsenic flows
Aaron Packman, associate professor of civil and environmental engineering, and Jean-François Gaillard, professor of civil and environmental engineering, are working with researchers from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) to develop strategies that will protect remote Chilean communities from toxic levels of arsenic in their local water supplies.
French connections: Manijeh Razeghi thinks globally
Part of Manijeh Razeghi’s heart and soul will always be in France. Though she came to the United States more than 17 years ago, she got her start in Paris, and all of her family is still there. She keeps up her French connections by collaborating with prestigious French universities — and recruiting their best students.
South Korean catalyst fuels materials research
While McCormick continues to seek out international collaborations, other countries are looking here for partnerships as well. In South Korea, for example, an initiative called Brain Korea 21 that funds interactions between South Korean and American universities spurred Wooyoung Lee, a materials science professor at Yonsei University in Seoul, to contact Peter Voorhees, the Frank C. Engelhart Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and chair of the department, about a collaboration.
Making an impact with green energy in Panama
For members of Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW), school breaks don't mean time on sandy beaches or ski slopes. They mean chances to improve environmental, social, and economic sustainability throughout the world.
In Munich, a chance for both research and culture
A new program offers students a way out of the grind — a summer in Germany that not only fulfills course requirements but also offers days spent touring famous technology corporations and labs and nights filled with German culture and gemütlichkeit.
Electronics in Egypt
Yehea Ismail had the microelectronics expertise, and he had the knowledge of Egypt. Then suddenly last year the timing for these two areas to merge was perfect: Egypt was poised to become the technological headquarters of the Middle East but lacked the resources to meet the demands of global companies who called Cairo home.
Paving the way for global collaboration
Before it was a buzzword, globalization was the vision of Bob Chang. For the past 20 years, the professor of materials science and engineering has been traveling around the world, connecting scientists in hopes of spurring solutions to global challenges. What has resulted is a host of networks and programs that aim to break down cultural and economic walls around the world.
Partnering for structural health in India
The Partnerships for International Research and Education–Intelligent Structural Health Management (PIRE-ISHM) program at McCormick links faculty and students with universities around the world in hopes of creating safer infrastructure.
Bridging the educational divide
In any number of villages throughout the developing world — far from most modern amenities — it is not uncommon to find a humble dwelling adorned with a satellite dish. Consider it the evidence of Bob Taggart's lifetime of work.
Modeling the complex systems of the world
A theoretical physicist who is now an associate professor of engineering sciences and applied mathematics at McCormick, Dirk Brockmann is applying his complex systems research to global issues.
Tracing disease, assessing sensors, implementing design
Three new professors — all at the beginning of their careers — come to McCormick in hopes of teaching, researching, and collaborating their way to making a difference.
What virtual worlds can teach us about reality
Noshir Contractor studies networks: how and why they are formed. By collaborating with other experts and mining online game data logs for clues, he's beginning to find surprising results about online interactions that translate into how we think about networks in the real world.
McCormick News
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