Andrew Horn (mechanical engineering, ’99), project manager, Evanston, Illinois

On his career: As a project manager with the Rise Group, Horn provides program and project management services in the construction industry.

Why McCormick: It was one of the top engineering schools in the country, the director of the minority engineering program made him feel welcome, and Northwestern offered the best financial aid among the schools Horn was considering.

How McCormick helped his career: Horn says working in engineering teams and study groups was very helpful. “In one class, our team created a plastic injection-molded key ring. This experience provided a hands-on, collaborative opportunity to problem solve. This is now especially beneficial for me as I work on teams with many different personality types.”

His connection to McCormick: As a freshman Horn worked in the Engineering Records Office. He also represented McCormick at the National Society of Black Engineers conferences as a member and delegate. As an alumnus he serves on a panel that assists postgraduate students with their careers in engineering. “I also represent the Rise Group at the Society for Women Engineers’ Industry Day and attend the yearly EXCEL picnic. My main involvement as an alum, however, is with ReJOYce in Jesus Campus Fellowship at Northwestern.”

Why continued involvement is important: “I’m very interested in being a part of the process to help future leaders excel.”

Words of advice: Horn encourages students to stay as connected to McCormick as they can. “Alumni always have something to give to current students: their experience. I believe I have a responsibility to mentor students in the same way that I was mentored."

—Lina Sawyer


Sara Staab (applied mathematics, ’83), and Jeff Staab (chemical engineering, ’83), Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

On their careers: After graduating from McCormick, Sara worked as a programmer for a firm that produced automation software for fabricators of concrete-reinforcing steel.  Jeff is an associate professor of psychiatry in the departments of psychiatry, otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose, and throat), family medicine, and community health at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia. In spring 2008 he will move to the Mayo Clinic to expand his work on chronic dizziness and psychosomatic medicine. 

How McCormick helped their careers: Sara cites her applied mathematics major as being helpful in her job as a programmer, where she used matrix algebra to manipulate data tables in a tag-printing program. Jeff’s research into medical and psychiatric causes of chronic dizziness and imbalance has made it clear to him that engineering and behavior coincide. “The brain solves the inverted pendulum problem every moment that humans are upright,” he says, “while simultaneously managing eye precision. The psych-iatric component of this is threat detection and response systems (fear and vigilance) and how it is integrated with balance and eye-movement control. Balance is essentially an engineering challenge.”

Their connection to McCormick: The Staabs contribute to the Walter P. Murphy Society because of its immediate benefits for engineering education at McCormick, particularly through annual grants to faculty. As a professor, Jeff understands the difficulty of advancing human knowledge while seeking funding. “The Murphy Society provides a yearly infusion of venture capital for innovative faculty projects,” he says.

Words of advice: “The future of Northwestern and McCormick is in our hands as alumni,” says Sara. “We’ve been fortunate to allow our children to attend the universities of their choice without direct support from their institutions. Not all McCormick students have this opportunity, so it is essential that we give so that the University’s endowment will grow to offset future expenses and assist the next generation of students.”

—Lina Sawyer

Giving Report

Dear McCormick alumni and friends,

On behalf of the Walter P. Murphy Society, I would like to thank you for your support of the Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science during academic year 2006–07. We are grateful for the contributions of and partnership with the more than 400 members of the Murphy Society and hundreds of other donors whose names are listed on the following pages. To those who are not currently Murphy Society members or donors, please consider joining us and making a gift to the McCormick Annual Fund this year.

As you know, the Murphy Society honors the legacy of Walter P. Murphy, the benefactor whose gifts supported the construction of Northwestern’s Technological Institute. Murphy Society members make annual gifts of $1,000 or more and have a unique opportunity to assist the dean in making decisions to fund faculty and student projects through Murphy Society grants. In past years the Murphy Society has encouraged the support of curriculum enhancements such as Engineering First®, projects such as Biomedical Engineering Design for Global Healthcare, and initiatives from our outstanding student organizations like McCormick’s Society for Women Engineers.

Once again, Murphy Society members in 2007–08 will also be recognized as members of the Northwestern University Leadership Circle, a pan-university giving society composed of Northwestern’s most loyal friends and alumni.

Please know how much your gifts to McCormick are appreciated and best wishes for the coming year.

David A. Eckert ’77
Chairman, Walter P. Murphy Society
Chairman, McCormick Advisory Council

Murphy Society Donors

Life Fellows
Life Fellows are recognized for their extraordinary support of the mission and goals of the school through their gifts of $500,000 or more.

William R. Blackham ’52
Johnnie Cordell Breed, H ’97
Stanton R. Cook ’49, H ’85
Lester Crown ’46
John A. Dever ’51
James N. Farley ’50 and Nancy J. Farley
Robert J. Fierle ’45
Wilbur H. Gantz and Linda Theis Gantz
Lavern Norris Gaynor ’45
Leonard G. Ginger ’39, ’66
Richard C. Halpern and Madeline Halpern ’77, MSJ ’86
Melville H. Hodge ’52 and Jane K. Hodge ’52
James N. Krebs ’45
Estate of George H. Martin, PhD ’55*
Richard S. Pepper ’53 and Roxelyn Miller Pepper ’53
Patrick G. Ryan ’59 and Shirley Welsh Ryan ’61
Gordon I. Segal ’60 and Carole Browe Segal ’60
Benjamin W. Slivka, BSAM ’82, BSCS ’82, MS ’85 and Lisa Wissner-Slivka ’85
William M. Smedley ’38, MS ’40
Harold B. Smith, MBA ’57 and Denise Smith
Chu Tull
William J. White ’61 and Jane Schulte White

Dean’s Circle
$10,000 or more

James S. Aagaard ’53, MS ’55, PhD ’57 and Mary-Louise Aagaard
S. George Bankoff and Elaine F. Bankoff
Bruce A. Bradburn ’64
James Charles Brailean, PhD ’93 and Karen Brailean
June E. Brewer ’34
Alfred C. Eckert III ’71
David Alan Eckert ’77
Scott H. Filstrup ’65, MBA ’67 and Margaret M. Filstrup
Donald N. Frey
John S. Gardner ’51 and Donna M. Gardner
James F. Gibbons ’53 and Lynn Krywick Gibbons ’54
Emil L. Hanzevack ’69, PhD ’74 and Theresa W. Long
James R. Lancaster ’55 and Patricia Christensen Lancaster
Leslie Lee
Tingye Li, MS ’55, PhD ’58 and Edith Wu Li ’54
Stella Mah
Karen Hanzevack Martin ’72
D. Eugene Nugent ’51 and Bonnie L. Nugent ’49
David L. Porges ’79
Warren W. Rasmussen ’53, MBA ’56 and Nancy Petersen Rasmussen ’53
Erick A. Reickert ’58
David A. Sachs ’81 and Karen R. Sachs
Charles F. Scholl
Robert E. Shaw ’70, MMgt ’81 and Charlene J. Shaw ’70
John A. Smith ’58 and Luciola A. Smith
William A. Streff Jr. ’71, JD ’74 and Kathleen Streff
Thomas C. Tyrrell ’67 and Melanie Tyrrell
Todd M. Warren ’87 and Ruth Warren
Robert P. Wayman ’67, MBA ’69 and Susan H.  Wayman

$5,000 to $9,999

Elizabeth Toof Anderson, MSED ’59
Jeffrey R. Beir ’80
David W. Cugell and Christina Enroth-Cugell
Lee A. Dayton, Sr. ’65 and Mrs. Lee A. Dayton
William T. Jones ’72, MMgt ’75 and Susan Kraus Jones ’71, MSJ ’72
Vaughn A. Koshkarian ’67, MBA ’68 and Stella M. Koshkarian
John E. Kranjc ’77
Michael P. Lidrich ’72, MS ’79
John A. McQuown ’57
Gregory John Merchant, PhD ’90
Estate of Michael J. Minbiole ’01*
Donald P. Monaco ’74, MS ’74 and Patricia Kiefer Monaco
Kenneth J. Porrello ’78, MMgt ’82 and Sherry L. McFall ’78
Philip D. Robers, PhD ’68 and Sandra Robers
Samuel A. Sperry ’65 and Susan J. Sperry
Michael Sutton ’75
Alan R. Swanson ’71 and Janet E. Rassenfoss
Hugo L. Vandersypen, MS ’69, PhD ’73
Alan Wolfson ’80
Estate of Arthur G. Zimmerman ’33*

$2,500 to $4,999

Thomas P. Anderson ’69
Eric R. Barnett ’94
John W. Blieszner ’74 and Constance K. Blieszner ’74
Peter S. Castro ’51, MS ’56, PhD ’59 and Patricia Ludeman Castro ’59
Edla D’Herckens
Elizabeth K. Dean
Gregory Allan Fraser ’77, MS ’78 and Linda C. Fraser
Stephen D. Garrity, MS ’76, PhD ’81
Leonard L. Garver ’56, MS ’58, PhD ’61
Michael N. Goodkind, PhD ’73 and Mary E. Goodkind, MS ’70, MMgt ’81
Gene M. Handel ’68
Warren R. Haug, MS ’63, PhD ’65
Henry G. Herzing ’59
Clarence L. Irving Jr. ’76 and Leslie A. Wiley ’79
Charles Kettering III and Lisa Kettering
P. Noel Kullavanijaya ’82, MS ’85, MMgt ’86 and Wendalyn M. Williams ’84, MD ’86
Donald R. Lee ’63, MS ’65 and Charlene M. Lee
Sek-Hon A. Leung ’80 and Jenny Leung
Michael S. Lurey ’67
Ethan Meister and Mary Cheang Meister ’98
Daniel D. Mickelson ’63 and Sandra P. Mickelson
Robert F. Norman ’84 and Kathie Z. Norman ’86
John Edward Olesky ’76
William B. Olson ’51 and Jeanne Olson ’50
Donald J. Rippert and Annette Nicosia Peterson ’86, MMgt ’94
Peter M. Rub ’72, MMgt ’75 and Monique Troglia Rub ’76
Michael J. Rusinko ’84 and Mary L. Rusinko
Ronald M. Saidikowski ’70 and Anne Melanie Huff ’72
Stephen B. Schwartz ’57 and Nancy Astrof Schwartz
Gregory M. Stanley, MS ’74, PhD ’77 and Linda Wang Stanley, MMgt ’76
Derek A. Steelberg ’86 and Maria Vignali Steelberg ’87
Robert B. Taggart ’67, MS ’68 and Donna Bledsoe Taggart
James E. Van Ness, MS ’51, PhD ’54 and Mary Ellen Van Ness
Alan J. Wasserstrom ’62
Sheldon M. Wecker, MS ’70, PhD ’73 and Gail E. Wecker
Richard V. Westerman ’63 and Carla Westerman
Charles S. Williams, MS ’80
Howard B. Witt ’63 and Marilyn A. Witt

$1,000 to $2,499

Anthony L. Abbattista ’85 and Elizabeth H. Abbattista
Theodore D. Ahlgren ’57, MS ’65, PhD ’67 and Marjorie R. Ahlgren
Dongchan Ahn, MS ’94, PhD ’97 and Debra J. Ahn
Albert M. Anderson Jr. ’57, MMgt ’65
Teruaki Aoki, PhD ’70
Jiraphant Asvatanakul and Sutepee Asvatanakul
George E. Bailie ’48 and Virginia Louise Bailie
Keith G. Barrett ’56, MS ’57
Robert E. Basta ’53 and Mary Keller Basta
Ralph W. Behrens ’62
Michael W. Belin
Laverne S. Brown ’45
Michael C. Brown ’72
Norman W. Carlson ’81, MA/MS ’83, PhD ’86 and Susan J. Carlson ’87
David L. Carney, MS ’68, PhD ’72 and Carol R. Carney
Stephen H. Carr and Virginia McMillan Carr, MS ’71, PhD ’76
Kooyoung Chung, PhD ’93
Brian G. Cleland, MS ’64, PhD ’67 and Sharon Cleland ’69
James A. Clifton III ’79
Alan S. Cohen, MS ’69, PhD ’71 and Natalie Krewitsky Cohen ’68, MA ’71
Edmund U. Cohler ’49, MS ’51, PhD ’53 and Marilyn Dixler Cohler ’51
Michael Corcoran ’78, MIT ’02 and Margaret B. Corcoran
Elaine Costakis
James Ellis Crenshaw, PhD ’98
James A. Cunningham ’61, MS ’63 and Beverly Cunningham
Richard G. Cunningham ’43, MS ’47, PhD ’50 and Suzanne Cunningham ’45
Mary Jo Curran ’76
Irene H. De Sanctis
Peter F. Decker ’59
Donald A. Dobson ’50, PhD ’55
Richard K. Dompke ’55 and Gayle M. Dompke ’58
William R. Drake ’77
Raymond H. Ellis, MS ’66, PhD ’68 and Susan H. Ellis
Robert B. Fairley ’69 and Paula Housh Fairley ’68
Robert C. Feldmann ’76
William L. Firestone, PhD ’52
Michael A. Fitzgibbons ’81
Robert J. Fryml ’72
Marilyn Otto Goll ’46
Alvin L. Gorman
Philip H. Graham ’60 and Linda H. Graham ’60
Eric P. Granberg ’82
Alan K. Greene ’58
James E. Greenlee ’66, MD ’70, GMER ’76 and Raylene J. Greenlee ’69
Kevin John Gross ’77 and Susan Luerssen Gross ’79
Ronald H. Haas ’61, MS ’62 and Catherine E. Haas
Jeffrey A. Halpern and Elissa Cohen Halpern
Steven J. Hampton and Margaret M. Bertelsen Hampton ’80, MMgt ’84
Andrew J. Handwerker ’86
Edward T. Harley ’49
Gilbert A. Harter ’52, MS ’54 and Miriam Knox Harter
John H. Heckmueller ’70 and Virginia Hemelt
Clyde E. Henderson ’73
Walter H. Hickel ’52
David C. Hinton ’95
Kary Hisrich ’98’98
Carl J. Holdampf ’51 and Margaret Miller Holdampf ’51
Roy Y. Hori, MS ’73, PhD ’81
James E. Hovis ’67, MS ’69 and Catherine Hovis
Rei Fong Hsu and Pei Mei Hsu
Paul A. Humiston Jr. ’60
Arthur P. Hurter ’56, MS ’58, PhD ’62 and Florence E. Hurter
Hina T. Jaffery ’96, MEM ’01
Mark R. Jicka ’82, MMgt ’92
Donald L. Jones ’50
Troy R. Karlsson ’84
Dale A. Keister ’62
James W. Kerrigan ’59, MBA ’61 and Tricia Ann Kerrigan
Robert J. Kiep ’88
W. Donald Kingsley ’57 and Barbara Palicke Kingsley ’58
Kenneth C. Kirsch ’75, MS ’78, PhD ’80
Jack A. Koefoot ’46
P. Jeffrey Kohler ’80 and Barbara A. Kohler ’78
Edward F. Kondis, PhD ’69
Tom C. Krejcie ’74
Gary Kremen ’85’85
Prem Kumar and Susan Wascher-Kumar
Robert T. Langan ’71, MA/MS ’74, MS ’80 and Susan L. Griesbach ’80, MS ’84
David B. Larimore ’68
John Lazar ’48
Harvey Y. Lee ’88
James A. Lee ’88
Jeffrey Richard Lefebvre MS ’86, PhD ’92 and Julie A. Lefebvre ’87
Peter B. Leichliter ’95
Robert E. Leigh ’54, MS ’59 and Elaine Leigh
John C. Lieske ’82
Jonathan S. Lock ’01
Richard J. Long ’65
Robert A. Long ’81 and Sheryl Loyd Long ’81
Frank W. Luerssen and Joan Luerssen
Lydia Hoffman Lund ’50
John Luther ’80 and Lori Terrien Luther ’81
Herbert Malin, MS ’51
Arlene R. Martin ’95
Joseph S. Martinich ’72, PhD ’80 and Vicki Lynn Sauter ’75, MS ’77, PhD ’80
Anne M. Mayes, PhD ’91
Thomas C. Mazarakis ’93
Roy F. McCampbell ’76
Mark W. McGlothlin ’77, MEM ’81
Myron J. McKee Jr. ’48
Gregory W. McKinney, MS ’81’83 and Nancy Lubich McKinney
Charles S. McNeer ’50
Joel D. Meyer and Enid Meyer
William M. Miller
Guy Sinclair Mills ’89
David Mintzer and Justine Mintzer
James J. Morreale ’84 and Patricia A. Morreale ’83
Mark J. Morton ’66
Philip E. Novak ’57
Donald S. Olexa Jr., MEM ’88
Kim G. Ooi ’80
Fred J. Osborne ’83’83
J. M. Ottino and Alicia I. Loffler
Terry L. Overbey ’72 and Lynette Pudvin Overbey ’71
Garo A. Partoyan ’59
Robert L. Peskin, MS ’75, PhD ’77
Gerald T. Petersen ’57, ’74 and Carol Krametbauer Petersen ’56
Robert A. Phillips ’63, MS ’65, PhD ’72
Chad B. Pierce ’44
Robert J. Piros ’49, MS ’79
Robert J. Plaschke ’85 and Elizabeth Tweedie Plaschke ’85
Robert J. Polito ’70 and Patricia R. Polito
Nicholas G. Polydoris ’54 and Gloria Polydoris
Thomas F. Powers ’52
David M. Poydock ’71
Vivek Ragavan ’74 and Nilima Ragavan
Donald E. Rathbone, MS ’57
Donald E. Rome ’77
Thomas F. Rosenbaum and Katherine T. Faber
William E. Rosner ’75, MMgt ’76 and Linda Rosner
Steve Sanghi
Adam W. Saxler ’94, MS ’95, PhD ’98
Timothy J. Scale, MS ’75, PhD ’80
Alan L. Scharff ’46 and Sandra Scharff
Paul H. Schipper, MS ’75, PhD ’77
Logan H. Schlipf ’51
Arnold L. Schmidt ’54 and Ann Schmidt
Joseph L. Schofer, MS ’65, PhD ’68 and Nancy L. Schofer
James A. Schuyler ’68, MS ’71, PhD ’73
Arnold M. Schwartz ’76
Stephen L. Schwartz ’74, MMgt ’76
Gregory H. Simon ’82
Verneta Simon, MS ’93
Michael H. Sitko, MS ’89
John T. Slankas, MS ’70 and Margaret C. Slankas
Alice Zajakala Sloma
George R. Smith ’53 and Lois M. Smith
Thomas M. Sprague and Laurie J. Anderson ’80
David J. Spreutels ’71 and Judith A. Spreutels ’72
Jeffrey Staab ’83 and Sara Hippe Staab ’84
Michael J. Stark ’78
Todd Eugene Steyer, PhD ’93
Burton L. Streicher ’72
Iren Suhami, MS ’77, PhD ’80
Laddie E. Suk ’75, MS ’76
Kia Swan-Moore ’92
Antti P. Talvitie, MS ’68, PhD ’71
Gary F. Teletzke ’78
Edward R. Teske ’45, MS ’48
John M. Torkelson
Paul D. Ulland ’66 and Judy Ulland
Theodore W. Van Zelst ’45, MS ’48 and Louann Hurter Van Zelst ’49, MA/MS ’51
Jerome E. Vielehr ’57
Edward F. Voboril ’65 and Melanie F. Voboril ’64
Estate of Harvey E. Wahls ’54, MS ’55, PhD ’61*
Samuel A. Walker III, MS ’71 and Joanne Walker
Samuel Chih-Hung Wang, MS ’75, PhD ’79 and Sujane Chang Wang, MS ’78, PhD ’81
Stephen M. Ward Jr. and Lori B. Ward
Jeffrey D. Warren ’97
Sharon Sue Warsaski ’84, MS ’90
Daina Wasserstrom
Henry Arthur Weber ’77, MMgt ’78 and Leslie Weber
Howard J. Weiss, MS ’73, PhD ’75 and Lucia Beck Weiss
James T. West ’48
Arthur R. Whale ’45 and Roberta D. Whale
Kirk Richard Wheeler ’75
James N. White ’85 and Patricia White
Ronald Emil Widitz, MIT ’07
Roger G. Williams and Molly W. Williams ’63
Donald R. Wilson ’46
Adam E. Winter ’97 and Jessica O. Winter ’97
Ying-Hon Wong ’79’79
William A. Woodburn, MS ’75
Dean A. Worrell ’77
Marla L. Wright ’93
Barry L. Yang, PhD ’84 and Jean C. Yang
Peter S. Yohalem ’77’77
Ava Harth Youngblood ’79
Jonathan F. Zeschin, MMgt ’90 and Kathryn Anne Zeschin, MMgt ’80