Undergraduate Program

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Each student in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences is assigned a faculty adviser from the department. Students are required to meet quarterly with their advisers to discuss career planning and registering for courses.

If you have recently changed your major to industrial engineering, you must first attend a group advising session to be assigned to an adviser. Freshmen are advised by McCormick first-year advisers. All freshmen who are planning to pursue a major in the department will attend a departmental group advising session in the spring quarter of their freshman year.

Contact Professor Wilson, Assistant Department Chair for Undergraduate Studies, for the following:

  • Questions about curriculum and have not yet been assigned an adviser
  • Urgent questions when you are unable to reach your adviser
  • Complicated questions that your adviser cannot answer

Current Majors

Your Adviser

You can find the name of your adviser in the McCormick Advising System. Adviser office locations and email addresses can be found on the Faculty page.

Look for an email from your adviser prior to Advising Week with instructions on how and when you can sign up for advising. If you do not receive an email from your adviser by the Friday before advising begins, then contact Professor Wilson.

Making the Most of Advising

Your adviser is your first stop for questions about:

  • Degree requirements
  • Process or where to find information
  • Career choices or graduate school options
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • The industrial engineering profession in general

Advisers are happy to set aside time each quarter to meet with students for advising. However, their time is limited. In general, good preparation makes for useful advising appointments.

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New Majors

All newly declared industrial engineering majors, whether changing from another engineering major or transferring into McCormick, will initially be advised through group advising.

Group Advising

Group advising serves as an orientation to a major in industrial engineering. Students are given an overview of the degree requirements, as well as departmental policies and procedures. At the end of orientation, each student will meet with a faculty adviser to discuss courses for the upcoming quarter and to sign the study plan.

Group advising typically takes place in the two or three weeks prior to the beginning of registration. You should receive information about when and how to sign up when you declare your major. If not, please email the undergraduate program for more information.

Once you have completed the group advising session, you will receive a message from the department about your new adviser assignment. This message will be sent by the end of finals week. Please watch for this message and take note of the name of your new adviser. Contact Professor Wilson if you do not receive a message by the end of finals week.

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Returning Students

If you have been away from Northwestern for more than two quarters and you were a declared industrial engineering major before leaving, please contact Professor Wilson about advising. You can also provide Professor Wilson with the name of your previous adviser so that, if possible, you can be assigned to the same adviser upon your return.