Undergraduate Program
Client Project Challenge
City of Evanston Community Gardens Project

The City of Evanston recently passed Ordinance 81-O-14 "Amending Portions of the Zoning Ordinance to Create the 'Urban Farm,' 'Urban Farm, Rooftop,' and 'Neighborhood Garden' Uses" which is effective as of August 23rd, 2014. This ordinance explicitly allows for the creation and maintenance of urban farms, rooftop urban farms, and neighborhood gardens. However, the city has no existing database that provides information on viable land and rooftops for the community to use for this purpose. For the final deliverable delivered to our client, we have created a database of potential public spaces within Evanston. We have evaluated each of these spaces based on four criteria: plot area, light exposure, proximity to water lines, and existence of a nearby water access point.

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Team: Yin Hua Chen, John Dong, Christina Hua, Sunny Kim, John Qian, Jenny Park